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You have to see this! Massive ‘rogue wave’ slams into beachgoers

Rogue wave sweeps people off their feet in Ventura, California. | Courtesy Inside Edition
MONSTER WAVE — A video of a “rogue wave” in California that swept people off their feet went viral over the weekend.
Colin Hoag filmed the video Dec. 28 and shared it to his Facebook page where it has over 44,000 views on his Facebook alone. Countless news outlets have shared the heart-stopping footage.
Hoag’s caption said the video was filmed at the seaward wall in Pierpont, which is in Ventura, California.
In the video, waves are seen approaching land as people begin to run away from the water. The explosive waves quickly flood the streets and video shows the water slam into a hotel near the shore.
“Everybody was running for their lives and screaming,” Hoag told Inside Edition. “I’ve seen big waves but I’ve never seen something that looked similar to a tsunami.”
Inside Edition shared more footage of the waves knocking people to the ground, including kids trying to run for cover. Nine people were taken to the hospital, according to KTLA5.
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