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Woman arrested after walking away from crash and brawling with officers

Savannah Fenn

The following is a news release from the Idaho Falls Police Department.

IDAHO FALLS — An Idaho Falls woman was arrested Friday after leaving the scene of a crash and fighting with police officers.

Police reports show just before 7 p.m. Idaho Falls Police Officers responded to a report that two vehicles had been involved in a minor accident in the drive-thru line at Jack in the Box on Woodruff Avenue. The caller told dispatchers the driver of one vehicle had caused a disturbance inside the restaurant before getting into her vehicle.

When an Idaho Falls police officer arrived he made contact with both drivers. One was identified as Savannah Fenn, 34.

Fenn was confrontational, refused to cooperate with the officer and ignored instruction when told that she could not leave the
scene of the accident until the investigation had concluded. Fenn walked away from her vehicle and entered the nearby Smith’s grocery store.

Officers did not try to physically restrain Fenn, because she was carrying a small child.

Witnesses told police Fenn had been involved in a disturbance inside Jack in the Box. Employees became concerned Fenn may have been drinking and was not safe to drive. Out of concern for the child, employees attempted to prevent Fenn from leaving.

Fenn reportedly hit one of the employees before going outside.

Outside, Fenn got into her vehicle and reportedly struck another vehicle, first accidentally and then again after being confronted by the vehicle owner. Fenn was exiting her vehicle and attempting to leave on foot when officers arrived.

Both the Jack in the Box employee and the vehicle owner involved in the minor accident chose not to press charges.

As officers searched Smith’s she exited through a back door, setting off an alarm.

Officers went to Fenn’s resident to locate her. When Fenn answered the door, an officer told her why he was there and attempted to detain her. Fenn refused to comply and fought with the officer, repeatedly kicking the officer until she was successfully placed in handcuffs.

Fenn was placed in a patrol vehicle for transport where she repeatedly kicked the windows of the patrol vehicle. Officers
also took efforts to ensure the wellbeing of the child that had been with Fenn at the original scene.

Because she had been involved in a vehicle accident, officers took Fenn to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for a medial jail clearance. Officers then transported Fenn to the Bonneville County Jail.

On the way to the jail, Fenn made a concerted effort to kick out the windows of the patrol vehicle. Officers had to stop the vehicle and further restrain Fenn by placing her legs in hobbles to prevent her from injuring herself or damaging the vehicle.

While officers were attempting to restrain her, Fenn grabbed hold of one of the officer’s hands and attempted to break his fingers. The officer was able to prevent her from doing so, and she was taken to jail without further incident.

Fenn was charged with felony battery of an officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest and misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

She is expected to appear in court on Monday.


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