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WATCH: Slick driveway a dream come true for local ice skater

Sydnee Nethery skates in her driveway. | Courtesy Sydnee Nethery
IDAHO FALLS – While others were unintentionally slipping and sliding on the ice on Tuesday morning, one local woman broke out her skates.
Freezing rain made for extremely slick roads Tuesday morning, prompting law enforcement to warn drivers to slow down, be careful and avoid travel if possible.
In the spirit of making the best of a potentially scary situation, Sydnee Netherly decided to go out and have a “nice” time by bringing her skates out onto the driveway and giving her neighbors a show.
“I just had this old pair of skates, so I decided to put them on and try it before leaving the house,” says Netherly. “I’ve never done it before, but I’ve had dreams about doing it!”
Netherly is a professional figure skating instructor and coaches other local skaters for competitions.

Sydnee Nethery and her daughter, Kinlee, figure skating together. | Courtesy Sydnee Nethery
“I’ve been skating since I was really little, and I tried a lot of things, but (skating) was the one thing that really stuck,” says Netherly. “I’ve always loved performing and all of the glitz and glam that came with it, and now that I”m coaching, I enjoy teaching and getting to help a bunch of figure skaters that get to enjoy it as well.”
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