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WATCH: Local fireworks show explodes all at once

A massive number of firework shells blew up at the start of the Hamer fireworks show. | Image and video courtesy Andrew Mickelsen
HAMER — Hamer’s fireworks celebration exploded in a twenty-second blaze of glory after a computer malfunction caused a plethora of shells to fire all at once.
“We had one great, big grand finale right there at the beginning,” Hamer Fire Chief Scott Jacobs told “One of the shells didn’t go off, and it started a chain reaction and lit probably a couple dozen of the tubes off all at the same time. Then they kind of just went everywhere.”
Hamer is a small community that’s a 27 mile drive northwest of Rexburg. The 2020 census reports that it has a population of 83 people, but around 400 people live in area.
“One shell came out of the tube properly, which was the very first shot of the show, and then all hell breaks loose. I have no idea how many blew up at once,” Jake Niederer, the fireworks show organizer, said. “… Because there were tubes that exploded, we figured we needed to end the show early, versus press our luck and risk further incidents.”
The fireworks show is a regional event that draws up to 1,500 viewers annually and consists of several thousand shells, he said.
“We’re probably pretty blessed to get away with (the incident),” the chief added, “There was some shrapnel. There was stuff that was flying. There weren’t any injuries — a couple scrapes — and there was one vehicle damaged. There’s stuff scattered 100 to 150 feet away from where they light the fireworks off.”
The show is an annual tradition that dates back at least 40 years, the chief said. It’s organized by the Hamer Lions Club.
“It seems to be getting bigger every year, and it fills up our area every year for sure,” Jacobs said.
The firecrackers are lit from the side of the dome next to exit 150 in Hamer.
Hamer’s volunteer fire department had five trucks on hand and quickly extinguished several spot fires, alongside members of the community who stepped in to help.
“Some of us went up to there to make sure that people that launched and everything else was okay, and doused the fire,” Jacobs reports.
The status of future fireworks celebrations will be determined later by community leaders.
“So far everything I’ve heard, everybody is sad that we didn’t get to have our annual big show, but everybody is feeling really blessed,” Jacobs said.
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