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WATCH: Injured raptors rehabilitated by the Teton Raptor Center and returned to the wild

The following is a news release from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game.
IDAHO FALLS — Through a partnership between Fish and Game and Teton Raptor Center, several injured raptors were recently rehabilitated and returned to the wild. All of these birds were reported by concerned citizens and taken to TRC to receive the care they needed to make a full recovery. This unique collaboration is one way Fish and Game continues to protect Idaho’s wildlife resources.
“Unfortunately, raptors can be drawn to roads by the presence of roadkill and prey species which places them in danger of being struck by vehicles,” says Matt Proett wildlife biologist with Fish and Game. “Some of these raptors like golden eagles and great gray owls are identified as species of great conservation need, making it important for us to rehabilitate them when possible.”
What do you do if you find an injured raptor?

Give it space. Keep your distance to avoid undue stress.
Get an accurate location and description of what you have observed.
Call the nearest Fish and Game office.

Fish and Game and TRC use a network of trained volunteers to transport injured raptors to the rehabilitation facility. In eastern Idaho, they are transported to TRC located just over the border in Wilson, Wyoming.
Upon recovery, these raptors are returned to public lands near where they were first discovered to provide them familiar habitat and hunting opportunities.
“I would like to thank the Teton Raptor Center and all of our dedicated volunteers,” says Proett. “The free services they provide make these releases possible.”
For a list of Fish and Game offices click here.

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