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Two mayors deliver State of the City addresses

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad gives his State of the City address. | Logan Ramsey,
POCATELLO — Pocatello and Chubbuck are in strong shape and ready for the year ahead, according to the mayors of both cities.
The mayors presented their State of the City addresses Thursday evening to prominent members of the Pocatello and Chubbuck communities.
“The city of Pocatello is in the best shape it’s ever been and we’re just going to continue to grow,” said Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad.
“I think we’re looking at everything new, everything better for tomorrow,” Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England said.

Chubbuck Mayor England | Logan Ramsey,
England said that, from his conversations with business owners, the business community is thriving.
“I go home and hear the national news and how the economy’s been trashed and everything’s bad … Well, guess what? That’s not the case here,” he said.
While business owners have suggestions for the city, overall they’re doing well. England expressed his gratitude for the Pocatello’s business owners, existing and new. One new business he mentioned was Olive Garden, which opened at the start of 2023.
“They are a great player in our community. They are a wonderful employer. The benefits they have, they’re amazing,” England said.
Chubbuck added seven new businesses in the last year, he reported, including a new physical therapy location, a women’s clothing store and more.
While England said that the city may have some room for improvement, he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished.
“I can say this beyond a shadow of a doubt, this community that we live in is fantastic,” he stated.
Mayor Blad | Logan Ramsey,
Blad said 2023 has been a great year for the Pocatello community, as well.
The city plans to continue the effort it started by redesigning the city flag with a full rebranding of Pocatello. The night before, the city council awarded the design contract to a graphic design company that will propose an entirely new style guide for the city.
“I would encourage you to please pay attention to when you can be involved and please get involved because the company that we’re using to rebrand will be doing a lot of the outreach,” Blad said.
Something else Blad was excited about was the Pocatello airport. Not only has it been able to get an extra flight into the airport, but Delta Airlines began flying directly into Pocatello.
While the cost of a ticket to fly into Pocatello might be more expensive, factoring in the cost of gas, wear and tear on a vehicle and time makes the ticket cheaper in the long run, he stated.
Overall, Blad was excited to see where Pocatello will go next.
“It’s going to be a great year,” Blad said.
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