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TSA discovers two firearms in three days at Idaho Falls Airport security checkpoint

The following is a news release and photo from the Transportation Security Administration.
IDAHO FALLS — Officers with the Transportation Security Administration officers at Idaho Falls Regional Airport have intercepted two guns this week during routine X-ray screening of carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint.
The first firearm was discovered on Tuesday, Feb. 13, around noon when a traveler brought a Glock 43 handgun loaded with six rounds of ammunition in his carry-on.
Another firearm was discovered on Thursday, Feb. 15, around 3:30 p.m., when a traveler brought a 9 mm Sig Sauer P320 pistol loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition in his carry-on bag to the security checkpoint.

These are the second and third firearms discovered this year at the IDA security checkpoint by TSA officers. The first firearm of the year was discovered on Wednesday, Jan. 20 about 6:30 p.m. This traveler had a .22 caliber North American Arms Magnum firearm in his bag loaded with four rounds of ammunition.
“In all of 2023, TSA officers discovered three firearms in travelers’ carry-on luggage at IDA. In the first six weeks of 2024, we have equaled last year’s total. This is disappointing and unacceptable and we need to address it now,” said TSA’s Federal Security Director for Idaho Andy Coose. “Firearm owners take note: if you are planning to travel with your firearm, take a few minutes to ensure that you are doing so properly. Firearms are never allowed in carry-on luggage or in the security checkpoint.”

When a TSA officer sees the image of a firearm on the X-ray screen, TSA immediately notifies the local airport law enforcement agency, which responds to the security checkpoint. A law enforcement officer removes the firearm from the X-ray tunnel and makes contact with the traveler. What happens to the firearm and the traveler is up to the discretion of the airport law enforcement agency.
Each of the travelers who brought the firearms in their carry-on luggage were allowed to continue on their travelers, but now faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty. Federal penalties for bringing weapons to the checkpoint can run as high as $14,950, depending on the circumstances. The complete list of civil penalties is posted online.
Passengers are permitted to travel with firearms in checked baggage only if they are unloaded and packed in a hard-sided, locked case. The locked case should be placed in a checked bag and declared to the airline at the ticket counter. TSA has details on how to properly travel with a firearm posted on its website.
Individuals who violate rules regarding traveling with firearms will have Trusted Traveler status and TSA PreCheck expedited screening benefits revoked for a period of time. The duration of the disqualification will depend upon the seriousness of the offense and if there is a repeated history of violations. They will also receive enhanced security screening prior to being allowed into the sterile area of the airport or on the aircraft.
Last year, 6,737 firearms were caught at 265 different airports nationwide. Ninety-two percent were loaded. So far this year, TSA has stopped more than 5,000 guns at security checkpoints across the country.
Below is a summary of TSA firearm discoveries statewide and nationally for the past six years.
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