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‘Toad-mageddon’: Hundreds of thousands of toads blanket Utah road

A screenshot of video that captured thousands of toads migrating across a country road in Stockton in Tooele County. | Carissa Hutchinson, KSL-TV
STOCKTON, Utah ( — Hundreds of thousands of small toads were part of a mass migration across a country road in Stockton Wednesday, leaving witnesses and biologists stunned at the scale.
Mary Hulet said she was driving home from the airport after 7 p.m. and was at the bottom of an area known as the “S curves” on Silver Avenue when she saw cars stopped ahead and it looked as if the road itself was moving.
“At first I thought, ‘I’m just tired, there’s like, there’s no way,” Hulet said. “As I looked and I kind of focused on it, I realized these were frogs or toads that were crossing the road.”
There were tons, everywhere, across a stretch of road. The army of toads was estimated to be more than a mile long.
“We’re talking like thousands of toads crossing the road,” Hulet said. “I’m like, ‘Is this like toad-mageddon? What in the world is going on here?’”
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