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‘The Spongebob Musical’ hits the stage this weekend in Idaho Falls

Courtesy Dani Kohler
Are ya ready, kids?!
The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre is bringing the world of Bikini Bottom to the Civic Center in Idaho Falls with their production of “The Spongebob Musical.” The show combines colorful characters from the beloved cartoon and songs written by top musical artists into an experience that is fun for all ages. Click here for tickets.
“(‘The Spongebob Musical’) deals with a lot of different topics, but really it’s about saving the world,” Bryan Atkins, who plays Patrick Star in the musical, told “The show has a lot of heart. It’s funny and cartoonish but it has big themes and deals with big things.”
“(The characters) are facing a crisis that’s a community-ending crisis for them,” he adds. “We’ve seen a global pandemic and we see some of that in the show. The craziness that ensues as people are terrified.”
The show touches on many ideas, with the themes of leadership and community coming to the forefront.
“I think the writers were trying to write a heartwarming story about community and about (interpersonal) relationships and about conflict and people coming together to try to overcome,” said Kelsey Shearer, who plays Spongebob. “We delve into some interesting things because each of the characters has their own journey.”

Courtesy Dani Kohler
“Spongebob” tells its story and comments on its themes through colorful, much-loved characters from the animated series and musical numbers written by some of music’s biggest artists. The roster of songwriters includes John Legend, David Bowie, Lady Antebellum and Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
“Each of these songs has the flavor of the artists (who wrote them),” Shearer said. “These are artists that we all love. They all have lent their voices and created little individual pieces that have a flavor that we’ve all come to love, and yet they all work so beautifully in this musical because this musical lends to that sort of creativity.”
“Spongebob” has a lot in it that will appeal to fans of the cartoons but the show also has plenty to offer to non-fans.
“Some of the cute, clever parts of the cartoon are there,” said Dani Kohler, the show’s producer. “But I’ve told grandmas and older people it is not your kids’ or your grandkids’ Spongebob. It’s well-written, the themes are there. It’s like a wonderfully-made movie. It just hits all the entertainment cues.”
The Idaho Falls Youth Art Centre is presenting its production of “The Spongebob Musical” November 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 at the Idaho Falls Civic Center for the Performing Arts. Shows start at 7:00 pm each night with a Saturday matinee at 2:00 pm on November 12. Click here to get tickets.

Courtesy Dani Kohler
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