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Tetonia man pleads not guilty to child sex abuse

Mathew Ray Hull | Courtesy Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
DRIGGS — A jury trial has been set in Teton County for a Tetonia man who pleaded not guilty to one count of child sex abuse of a minor under the age of 16.
Mathew Ray Hull, 25, was arraigned at the Teton County Courthouse on Tuesday, Dec. 6, in front of District Court Judge Steven Boyce. A bond was set at $10,000. Hull has not posted bond and remains at the Jefferson County Jail.
Hull was arrested in October in Teton County after a minor reported to a medical facility that she had been sexually abused and feared she was not safe.
Through further investigation by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, Hull was alleged to have multiple victims.
Hull was originally charged with two felony counts, including a count of sexual battery of a minor and the count of child sex abuse. However, the first count of child sexual battery was moved for dismissal by Teton County Prosecuting Attorney Bailey Smith after Hull was arraigned in magistrate court in November.
According to court documents, the charge of sexual battery did not meet the threshold for prosecution, Smith said. The dismissal of the first felony count was granted by Teton County Magistrate Judge Jason Walker. The case was then bound over to district court on Dec. 1.
The two original counts include two different victims.
According to court documents, the minors first reported the abuse to trusted adults who did not report the allegations to Child Protective Services or the sheriff’s office to protect Hull from becoming a registered sex offender, court documents read.
If convicted on the count of child sexual abuse, Hull could face up to 25 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.
A preliminary hearing is set for February 2023. Alex Sosa has been retained as Hull’s public defender.
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