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Take a look at weird and dangerous items found in Idaho airports in 2023 file photo
(Idaho Statesman) — For most people, getting stopped by airport security for a prohibited item means they’ve accidentally packed something mundane, like toothpaste too big to be a carry-on.
But for many travelers in Idaho last year, it means they’ve tried to carry on something more along the lines of a ninja throwing star, a replica rocket-propelled grenade, a hatchet or a gun.
The Transportation Security Administration confiscates weird and dangerous items from travelers going through one of Idaho’s several commercial airports yearly — such as a memorial sword in 2022 — but last year might take the cake. The just-released list of seized items in 2023 includes things like a cam shaft, inert ammunition and a hatchet.
Additionally, a record number of firearms were found at the Boise Airport during routine X-ray screenings last year.
Here’s a list of some of the most peculiar items passengers tried to get through Idaho airports in 2023.
A record number of firearms
Idahoans may love their guns, but the TSA not so much.
A total of 47 guns were confiscated across Idaho airports in 2023. While that isn’t a statewide record, 42 of those guns were confiscated at Boise Airport, a record for the airport.
Three firearms were confiscated at Idaho Falls Regional Airport and one apiece at Friedman Memorial Airport and Pocatello Regional Airport.
“I can’t say this more clearly: stop and empty each of your bags before you pack for your trip, just to make sure there is nothing in it that might cause a problem for you when you get to the airport,” Andy Coose, TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho, stated in a news release.
“You are responsible for whatever is in your bag when it arrives for TSA screening,” Coose continued, “and the fines can be in the thousands of dollars for an undeclared gun in your bag.”
In addition to a potential criminal referral for storing an undeclared, unloaded handgun in your carry-on, the TSA can also levy a fine that starts at $1,500 and can go into the thousands.
Firearms can be transported on a commercial aircraft only if they’re unloaded, packed in a locked, hard-sided case and transported in checked luggage.
Idaho’s weirdest airport confiscations
While guns were a common occurrence in Idaho airports last year, there was also a collection of even weirder items. Here’s the top 10, along with comments on each from the TSA:
10. Ninja throwing star – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“If you own one of these, pack it in checked luggage or leave it at home when traveling. This item can be used as a missile in some martial arts but has no place on a plane.”
9. Hatchet – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“TSA officers always ask passengers before a bag check if there is anything sharp in the carry-on. Hope the passenger said YES in response!”
8. Ulu Knife – Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“This Alaska native tool is used traditionally to skin animals. Guaranteed, you won’t need this post-security at any airport. The blade on this is what makes it a prohibited item.”
7. Grenade-shaped bottle of hot sauce – Idaho Falls Regional Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“Real, inert or full of hot sauce, anything that looks like a grenade is never allowed on a plane.”
6. Spanner wrench – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“This large, specialized tool is used to remove locking nuts. In case you missed the safety briefing, no in-flight maintenance is allowed.”
5. Camshaft and transmission gear – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration

“Which passenger thought it was a good idea to bring this engine part in carry-on luggage? Due to its size and bludgeoning potential, it is a perfect item to travel in checked luggage.”
4. Double-edged letter opener – Friedman Memorial Airport

Transportation Security Administration

“In a case of two wrongs don’t make a right, this double-edge letter opener can’t travel in carry-on luggage. Feel free to write home about it to let your friends and family know to place this item in checked luggage.”
3. Crow bar – Magic Valley Regional Airport

Transportation Security Administration
“What’s with the tools and car parts in Idaho? Rules for traveling with any tool: must be seven inches in length or shorter to make it post-security. And no blades or sharp ends, too.”
2. 20-millimeter inert ammunition – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration

“Ammunition of any type must travel in its original packaging in checked luggage. No exceptions! These were discovered in checked baggage.”
1. Realistic replica rocket-propelled grenade – Boise Airport

Transportation Security Administration

“While this item was discovered in checked baggage, it is still a no-fly. Helpful travel tip: if it looks like an explosive, don’t bring it anywhere near an airport.”
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