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SWAT team activated after man barricades himself in house following battery

Idaho Falls Police Department file photo.
The following is a press release from the Idaho Falls Police Department:
The Idaho Falls Police Department SWAT team responded to an incident Friday night where a man barricaded himself inside his home after attacking multiple neighbors.
Just before 10 p.m. Friday, Idaho Falls police officers arrived on scene at 2900 block of South Yellowstone Highway due to a disturbance between neighbors. Officers learned that before their arrival, James Schumacher slapped a person in the face and made a threatening statement.
Schumacher damaged a second person’s vehicle by forcing two doors past their normal opening limits, causing an estimated $3,000 in damage.
Schumacher then hit a third person in the face with a rusty metal serrated edged gardening tool.
A fourth person came outside of their residence when they heard the commotion armed with a paintball gun loaded with pepperballs. Schumacher swung a sign at the fourth person, who then shot and hit Schumacher with a pepperball with no effect.
Schumacher went back to his property and threw rocks at the other people.
At that point, officers began arriving on scene. Officers told Mr. Schumacher, who was standing on his porch, he was under arrest and gave commands for him to come to the officers. Schumacher retreated inside his residence and barricaded himself inside. Officers made several attempts to speak to Schumacher by calling his phone and using a PA system without any response from Schumacher.
Officers obtained a warrant to enter the residence and activated the IFPD SWAT team. Around 4:00 a.m. this morning, after utilizing CS gas and an Idaho Falls Police K9, Schumacher was located in the basement of the residence and taken into custody. The IFPD Unmanned Aircraft System (drone) team was also utilized in the response.
Schumacher, a 47-year-old Idaho Falls resident, was arrested for felony aggravated battery, felony aggravated assault, felony malicious injury to property, and misdemeanor resisting and obstructing. Schumacher was also cited for misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor attempted battery, and misdemeanor disturbing the peace. He was booked into the Bonneville County Jail.
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