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Suspects on the loose after van damages property in Bonneville County neighborhood

Tire tracks on a lawn in the Cornerstone Subdivision. | Courtesy Rodney Pierce
IDAHO FALLS — Homeowners in a Bonneville County neighborhood woke up to tire tracks in yards, a broken fence, a torn down mailbox and broken electrical boxes after a van came crashing through.
It happened early Monday morning in the Cornerstone Subdivision with most of the damage happening on Hammerstone Drive. A tipster to said some damage was also done on Portal Stone Drive.
Sgt. Bryan Lovell with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office told reports started coming in at 4 a.m. from residents in the neighborhood about a suspicious van that had damaged property.
“It woke both of us (my husband and I) up and I said, ‘What was that noise?’ We both thought it was the garbage truck coming through. I came out (of my house) and I saw it and went back and told my husband, ‘We’ve had some vandalism going on here,’” said Sharon McCray.
McCray told she noticed that her neighbor’s homes across the street had some damage done. When she thought it was the garbage truck coming through at first, she explained that it’s not usually that loud and quickly realized that it was someone else.
“It happened right after the other like boom, boom, boom and crashing,” she explained to “We took a drive around the neighborhood to see if there was anything more done.”
According to Lovell, deputies were able to recover the van that allegedly caused the damage and found that it was stolen. The suspects ran away and have not been identified or located yet at this time.
“Anyone with doorbell or security camera video that captured these events or who has suspect information are asked to contact dispatch and ask for a deputy if they haven’t already been contacted. Anyone who discovers damage to their property is asked to do the same so we can add it to the reports,” Lovell said.
Lovell said the case is still under investigation. If you know anything, you can contact the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 529-1200.

Damaged fence. | Andrea Olson,

Andrea Olson,

Damaged electrical box. | Andrea Olson,

Damaged mailbox. | Andrea Olson,
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