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Starting a new tradition: the city of Ammon wants a family to decorate a park’s gazebo for the holiday

The Judy family decorated McCowin Park’s gazebo and tree last year. | Courtesy The City of Ammon
AMMON – The city of Ammon is hoping to begin a yearly tradition where they pick a local family to decorate McCowin Park’s gazebo and city tree with holiday lights to bring some cheer to the season.
“We got the idea just because we are always looking for ways to involve the community,” said Randal Miller, Ammon recreation coordinator. “This seemed like a good way to give a local family an opportunity to help decorate the gazebo for the holidays and put their signature on it.”
Last year, Miller said the city chose a family that lives in the McCowin neighborhood that had a tough year.
“They had a real good time getting the gazebo ready last year, and that’s how we started this new tradition,” Miller said.
The family chosen by the city last year was the Judys. Family members say the act lifted their holiday spirits during a time they needed it the most. April Judy, who is married and has five kids, told that Christmas is their favorite holiday, and it was awesome to get the opportunity to decorate the city tree and the gazebo.
“We have had a rough couple of years. Our youngest son was born with a genetic syndrome that’s super rare and we don’t know a whole lot about it. At that time, we had already done two heart surgeries and (we were) headed into a brain surgery,” Judy said.
The Judy family got to look through lights and decorations that the city of Ammon already owned then they got to choose up to $1,000 worth of decorations at Dillard’s and $200 worth of items at Costco.

The Judy family at Dillard’s picking out decorations | Courtesy Randal Miller
“It was super fun! We always (like to in our home) decorate our tree to bring back memories of what happened throughout the year. We kind of did the same things with the city’s tree,” Judy said.
Miller said if a family is interested in the opportunity to decorate the gazebo and tree this year, he would like them to contact him.
“There is no formal criteria. Ideally, it would be for a family that could use a little bit of a pick me up this year and like the opportunity. We ask that if a family would like to do it, they send me an email introducing themselves and their family and why they would like to do it,” Miller explained.
Costco and Dillard’s will once again be participating. The donations from the two stores become the property of the city of Ammon.
Miller said the deadline to send an email is Oct. 21. Email him at A family will then get picked in the next week or so.
“We are going to have the Judys help choose the family this year, and then that’s how each family will help in subsequent years,” Miller said. “Hopefully, it’s a tradition that continues to grow.”
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