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Splatter Lab invites you to come get creative – and messy

Photos and video by Adam Forsgren
Splatter Lab in Rexburg is a unique artistic outlet.
REXBURG — Tucked into a strip mall not far from the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus, Splatter Lab is a studio that allows you to create in a very kinetic fashion, by loading your brush full of paint and spattering it all over a canvas.
“(Splatter Lab) came from wanting to do something, especially during the wintertime, something that’s family-friendly and gives people a chance to get out of their homes and do something creative,” Splatter Lab co-owner John Faldmo told
The lab allows everyone from a single person to a group of up to fourteen to come into one of their rooms and make some art. Ponchos and other gear are provided to keep the paint off of you as much as possible and you can even get a Bluetooth speaker from the check-in desk, so you have an appropriate soundtrack.
Faldmo said he chose Splatter Lab from a number of other business ideas because splatter painting allows people to try things they might not try under most circumstances.
“I think (spatter painting) is really a cool thing,” he said. “It gives people a chance to be creative and to take chances and make mistakes in a safe space. They’re able to do things that they can’t do at home. They can do whatever they want, do whatever design they want, pick whatever colors they want and there’s no one to tell them ‘No, don’t do it that way.’ That’s kind of the fun of splatter. It’s raw creativity.”
Because a black canvas can be filled with anything, that means the only limit to what you can paint is your own imagination. Some people lay down a layer of colors before throwing down the spatters. Others just load up their brushes with paint and go to town. At the end of each half-hour-long session, the artist has an original artwork they can take home and hang on their wall.
The experience of doing a painting at Splatter Lab is unlike the experience you have at other art studios. Throwing paint at a canvas is a great way to relieve stress while exercising your artistic muscles. Splatter Lab is a fun date or group night out for families and friends.
On top of that, Splatter Lab helps to serve the local artistic community, a segment of the population that is underserved in the Rexburg area.
“I saw (Splatter Lab as a good opportunity for the community and for students to come out and do something,” Faldmo said. “There aren’t a lot of artistic opportunities here. We’ve had a lot of people who have come in and enjoyed it. I don’t work here every night but on nights that I do, to come in and hear people laughing in their room, playing their music… It’s been fun to see people come in and really enjoy the space.”
Splatter Lab is located at 14 W 1st S in Rexburg. You can book a splatter painting session by visiting the Splatter Lab website. The Lab also runs art classes you can sign up for at the website.

Photo by Adam Forsgren
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