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Some callers not able to reach 911 when using Verizon, AT&T

There is no telling when the problem will be resolved. | Stock photo
IDAHO FALLS — Some AT&T and Verizon customers are reporting that their 911 calls are not going through.
Here’s what police recommend if you need them.
According to a Facebook post by the Idaho Falls Police Department, some calls made to 911 through certain cell phone providers such as Verizon and AT&T are not going through to the Idaho Falls Bonneville County 911 Emergency Communications Center.

The post by the Idaho Falls Police Department. | Facebook
Because it is a carrier problem and not a local technical problem, there is no telling when it will be resolved.
“Some callers report getting a busy tone or the call continuously ringing,” says the post. “This is an issue with the cellular carriers and outside our center’s control.”
If you need to make an emergency call on a cellphone, call the non-emergency number at (208) 529-1200. IFPD says the same dispatchers answer both 911 and non-emergency call numbers and can assist and dispatch police, fire, and EMS to you as needed.
They also recommend saving the number in your phone so it is readily available if you need it.
This is the second instance in less than a week that 911 centers in eastern Idaho have had difficulty receiving calls.
The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page on May 17 that some AT&T cell phone carrier customers were having trouble reaching dispatch when calling 911.
“AT&T customers are experiencing a 911 outage,” says the post. “If you have an AT&T phone, call 208-785-1234 in an emergency. Estimated restoration of service is 05/17/24 at 2:45 am.”

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