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Snowmobiler walks away unharmed after triggering avalanche in Gallatin National Forest

Henderson Mountain where the avalanche occurred Thursday | Courtesy Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center
FREMONT COUNTY — Fremont County Search and Rescue is investigating a snowmobile-triggered avalanche on Henderson Mountain near the Montana-Wyoming state line Thursday.
The snowmobiler’s name has not been released and no one was caught or injured, according to Fremont County Search and Rescue spokesman Eric Thomas, but it broke close to 15 feet deep.
A second, larger avalanche occurred naturally Tuesday on Mount Fox, another mountain in the area.
Avalanche danger is on the rise this week after recent snowstorms.
“Avalanches in the new and wind-drifted snow will be shallower and mostly a concern in the steepest, rockiest terrain. The larger concern is the potential to trigger a big avalanche breaking deep in the snowpack,” Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center reports on its website.
Avalanche danger throughout the area remains moderate Saturday and large human-triggered avalanches are possible. Getting caught in an avalanche could prove devastating. Thomas is urging you to be careful if you’re planning to ski or snowmobile anytime soon.
“There is no practical way to test weak layers buried this deep. Patience is the only viable strategy. Give these weak layers more time to adjust and strengthen before getting onto steep slopes,” he says.
More information will be posted when it is available. The latest weather conditions in your area are available here.

Photo taken shortly after the Henderson Mountain avalanche | Gallatin National Forest

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