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Smithsonian Institute World War I posters exhibit on display at Marshall Public Library

POCATELLO — A little piece of the Smithsonian Institute has come to the Marshall Public Library in Pocatello.

“World War I: Lessons and Legacies,” a display of eight informational posters, comes courtesy of the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Service and the National Museum of American History. The display studies a multitude of facets of the Great War through photos, historical summaries, propaganda item and more.

“Each poster summarizes one particular aspect of World War I,” library spokesperson Amy Campbell told “We have a poster on women and World War I. We have a poster on how World War I impacted civil rights. Those have statements about how the impact of World War I extended beyond the beginning and end dates of the war and what that legacy continues to be.”

Campbell said that the posters in the display not only raise people’s awareness of World War I and educate about military history but also illuminate the vast, far-reaching implications of the war that are still affecting the world today.

“These posters really dive into different aspects like medical impacts and technology, the medical innovations that came out of World War I,” she said. “That particular war changed so many aspects that we still experience the aftermath in our modern world today.”

The public seems to be receiving “World War I: Lessons and Legacies” very positively.

“I think they (the public) really appreciate the beauty of the posters,” Campbell said. “The posters are very well-done. The way that they’re laid out, the information they deliver is astonishingly well-done. We also have library books that people can check out as well, and those books have also been moving.”

“World War I: Lessons and Legacies” will be on display at the Marshall Public Library through December. You can learn more about the library and its programs by visiting the library’s website or Facebook page.

Those who have ideas for future displays are encouraged to contact the library through their website, Facebook or call them at (208) 232-1263.


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