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Skat is one cool Idaho Falls cat. He’s looking for online votes to win a competition

Skat lives in Idaho Falls. | Courtesy Lorie Evans
IDAHO FALLS — One cool cat named Skat is using his purrrfect looks and personality to try to win a big competition.
The annual competition is on the America’s Favorite Pet website and is called “Who is America’s Favorite Pet?” One captivating canine and fantastic feline will be featured on the covers of Modern Dog and Modern Cat Magazine, and each takes home $10,000.
Family, friends, and followers cast online votes in hopes of earning the prize.
Skat is trying to pounce in as the winner. He is a year and a half and a long-haired seal-point Siamese. He lives with his family in Idaho Falls.
“(The competition) was something that I just came across on Facebook, and I entered it as kind of a joke. My kids are constantly giving me heck because they are like, ‘Oh my goodness! You love that cat more than you love us!’” owner Lorie Evans said with a laugh.

Courtesy Lorie Evans
‘He’s got so much character’
Evans said Skat was abandoned at a corn maze where her daughter was working. He was scared, hungry and lonely. Her daughter picked him up and brought him home, and he’s melted everyone’s hearts ever since.
“I’ve never had a cat in my house, ever in my life, but he kind of literally rules the house,” Evans said. “He’s got so much character. He is hilarious. I grow sprouts. He eats sprouts, he eats spinach and he eats everything like a normal cat would never eat.”

Courtesy Lorie Evans

Skat has gone far in the competition. He’s in the quarter-finals.
“He’s actually done pretty dang good!” Evans said.
The online voting started Monday for the quarter-finals and will go until March 21. Click here to vote. One vote is free, while the other votes ask for donations, which would benefit PAWS.
PAWS is an animal nonprofit supported by the competition and is based in Lynnwood, Washington. The donations help thousands of cats, dogs, and wild animals in their care each year, according to PAWS spokesman Mick Szydlowski.
Evans says it would be great if Skat was featured in the magazine, and if they win $10,000, she already has an idea of what she would do with the money.
“I was planning on giving some to the local animal shelters to kind of pass it on. I know a couple of people who have animals, and I would probably give them some of that. I know one lady very closely, and her animals will eat before she eats,” Evans said. “So I’ll probably just donate it that way and then probably help out with my daughter’s college.”
She’s hoping people can help support Skat among the pool of furry talent because what’s not to like? Evans encourages people to experience what it’s like to have a pet cat too.
“Get a kitty! They are super fun. Everybody needs to get a cat!” she said.
See Skat’s profile here.

Lorie Evans’ daughter Lexie Messick holding Skat. | Courtesy Lorie Evans

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