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Single-vehicle crash in Pocatello ends with overturned SUV in driveway

A single-vehicle crash on the 1200 block of Clark Street in Pocatello left an unoccupied home damaged, but no injuries were reported around 9 p.m. on May 27, 2021. | Kalama Hines,
POCATELLO — A woman was cited for misdemeanor driving under the influence Thursday night after she drove her SUV into an unoccupied house on Clark Street.
Pocatello Police spokesman Officer Greg Cates confirmed the crash, which neighbors Curtis Shull and Tony Phipps said occurred around 9 p.m. The woman apparently lost control of her vehicle, crashed into a tree, and then proceeded into the porch of the unoccupied home. The SUV came to rest on its hood in a driveway.

Kalama Hines,
Phipps and Shull had been sitting on their porch, directly across the street from the crash site, discussing the dangerous way in which many people traveled through their neighborhood less than an hour before to the crash.
“We need a light out here or something,” Phipps told “We’ve got more kids here now and they need a place to play.”
Phipps has lived in the area for around five years. In that time, he has seen drivers lose control of their vehicles, speed and even have a tire eject into a nearby porch.
Thursday night’s crash was just the latest example of why Phipps does not allow his grandchildren to play in his front yard.
The driver, who has not yet been named, was traveling down the busy one-way street at a high rate of speed, according to Shull, when she lost control of her SUV. Judging by tire marks in the street, she had been in the right of two lanes and overcorrected to avoid crashing into parked cars.

Tire marks in the street and damage to a tree between the street and sidewalk left after a driver lost control of their vehicle Thursday night. | Kalama Hines,
After grazing a tree, as Shull described, she crashed into the front porch came to rest in a driveway between two parked vehicles.
“It happened fast, but it was like slow motion,” Shull told
The overturned vehicle was dragged out of the driveway before it was turned upright in the street and towed away, Shull said.

Marks left in a resident’s driveway after an overturned SUV had to be dragged into the street. | Kalama Hines,
After crawling out of the vehicle on her own moments after the crash, the driver spoke with officers for approximately 30 minutes, Shull said, before she was taken away by the officers.
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