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She was ‘freaking out’ during pot-fueled hit and run, witnesses say

Hannah Lynne Reber | Bonneville County Jail
IDAHO FALLS — A woman who crashed into another car and drove off admitted to being high on marijuana, troopers say.
Hannah Lynne Reber, 20, is charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident, felony battery upon a police officer and misdemeanor driving under the influence. The Idaho State Police reports the crash happened Sunday afternoon when Reber allegedly ran a red light and hit a car at Sunnyside Road and Yellowstone Highway.
Witnesses said they had video footage of the crash and saw a Chevy Impala drive away. The crash left a man trapped in a 2021 Dodge Charger. The man said he was injured and his neck hurt, but did not let Idaho Falls Fire Department EMS take him to the hospital.
Several witnesses said they saw the crash and a woman behind the wheel of the Impala. One witness said the woman was “freaking out” and sped away. Witnesses gave troopers the license plate number of the Impala, which led them to Reber.
Troopers went to Reber’s home and found the Impala parked outside with what police called a large amount of damage to the front. The troopers spoke with Reber’s mother, who said she drove home, ran into her room screaming and locked herself in the room.
Her parents told investigators Reber has had problems with using marijuana and was high on the drug.
Reber’s father then got into her room, prompting Reber to hit a
nd scream. Troopers went in as well and tried to get her to calm down. Troopers report Reber was obviously on a psychotic drug and in the middle of a trip as she kicked the officers while she kept yelling.
“You know the person I have become,” Reber said according to court documents. “I’m stronger than you.”
Troopers report Reber went back and forth from being calm and wanting to go to the hospital to outburst of violence. Police took Reber to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and while there, dug her nails into a trooper’s arm, causing him to bleed.
“When asked about drug use, Reber got violent and refused to cooperate,” a trooper writes in the probable cause.
The woman refused to allow a blood draw or complete standard field sobriety test. Troopers then called a Deputy Bonneville County prosecutor who said to get a warrant for the blood draw. Four calls to a judge did not work, and the prosecutor’s office said to “proceed under (exigent) circumstances,” according to court documents.
Eventually, troopers got the blood draw while at EIRMC with Reber’s consent, but she continued to kick and scream.
Afterward, Reber began crying saying she was scared and tripping on marijuana she had used before the crash.
“Reber stated she had ‘consumed every bit of marijuana she had,” the probable cause reads.
Troopers booked Reber into the Bonneville County Jail, where she remains held on $40,000 bail.
She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 28.
Although Reber is accused of crimes it does not necessarily mean she committed them. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
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