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Scammer targets our Facebook followers

Screenshot of fake Facebook profile
On Thursday morning, got hundreds of messages from concerned followers of our Facebook page.
Someone posing as us has set up a Facebook profile and is directing people to a website hosted on Google Sites that asks for people’s credit card numbers to participate in a giveaway. Sometimes the person goes as far as messaging the intended victims directly.
Many of you rightfully deemed this to be a scam.

Screenshot of scam website
The scammer is using a method known as phishing — posing as an actual company (in this case, us) to get personal information from you. We have not been hacked, but the scammer is trying to get your personal information.
We have reported both the fraudulent Facebook profile and website and hope they will be taken down soon. However, the scammer may simply re-create the profile and website.
Do not accept friend requests from anyone you don’t know, and please remember we would NEVER ask for a credit card number for you to participate in any giveaway. If you have already submitted a card number on the fake website, please contact your bank, credit card company or law enforcement.
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