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Salt Lake Express aims to provide better customer service and cleaner experience in 2022

The following is a news release from Salt Lake Express.
REXBURG – “Nicer, Newer, Friendlier, Cleaner” is the theme for 2022 for Salt Lake Express. The company made the announcement in early March via email and will start promoting the theme throughout the remainder of the year.
Broken down, the theme translates to customers enjoying an overall nicer experience, the company investing in newer buses, the staff and drivers being even friendlier, and a cleaner bus (both inside and out), office, and waiting areas.
The idea for the theme stemmed from a lot of introspection throughout 2020 and 2021 during the global pandemic.
“Through all the ups and downs of these past two years, we’ve actually had a lot of time to look internally at our company,” said Jacob Price, owner of Salt Lake Express. “We used this time to analyze areas we could improve. Even if it felt like improvements weren’t needed.”
What Price is referring to is not being satisfied with just getting the job done. For example, Salt Lake Express has always made it a priority to make the customer experience positive for all riders; from the moment they book their trip to the moment they step off the bus. However, employees at the company looked at every facet and asked “How can we be better?”
“One way we were able to do that is to invest more in communicating with our customers,” Price said. “We can tell you all day long that we are cleaning and disinfecting our buses more, that our reps and drivers are being friendlier, that our buses are newer, and that your whole experience is nicer. But, unless you actually see it or experience it, it can be difficult to convey.”
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In an effort to help emphasize these changes, Salt Lake Express is creating videos of the work being done as they continue to make improvements internally.
“It’s always a challenge to effectively communicate with customers, but we truly hope our riders and those considering to ride with us will notice these improvements in every facet of our business,” Price said. “We’ve always welcomed feedback and constructive criticism. So we’d love to hear how your experience was aboard one of our buses.”
Adding to their ever-expanding network, Salt Lake Express has recently added routes throughout eastern and southern Utah. Hitting destinations like Moab, Vernal, and even Blanding. If you’re interested in booking a trip, visit the Salt Lake Express website or call 800-356-9796.
For more information about this new route or Salt Lake Express, contact Lisa Young, the company’s regional relations director, at (208) 356-9796 ext. 6145 or at
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