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Rally calling on governor to re-open state immediately to be held Saturday

All Jobs Are Essential rally flier
IDAHO FALLS — As the governor’s stay-home order continues, rallies and protests against the mandate have started popping up throughout the state. Tomorrow Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin will be a keynote speaker at one of those rallies.
The “All Jobs Are Essential” rally will be held simultaneously at the Bonneville, Jefferson and Madison county courthouses Saturday at 10 a.m. Attendees are asked to gather outside the buildings in their cars and tune in to the virtual rally via Facebook Live or Zoom.
“We want the governor to open the state immediately or to give individual municipal governments authority to determine that at their own location,” rally organizer Dan Roberts told
Other speakers include Sugar City Mayor Steve Adams, Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson and Dr. Jim Brook.
“I am concerned about the health and well-being of our friends, family, and neighbors. But I am also concerned about the economic and financial well-being of our state, our businesses, and our families,” McGeachin said in a news release. “We are all essential to our state’s well-being. We know that Idaho’s economy is in grave danger due to the protracted shutdown. We will be urging the Governor to allow our economy to reopen fully on May 1.”
Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman was originally scheduled to speak but has since been disinvited.
“We’re not advocating civil disobedience in this rally. And that’s been the tenor of what Disobey Idaho has had,” Roberts said.
The Disobey Idaho Rally was hosted by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Health Freedom Idaho and Idaho Freedom Foundation. It brought hundreds to the Idaho capitol building. While they were encouraged to practice social distancing, many did not.
“We want a little different messaging over here at this point in the game. That may change in the future,” Roberts said.
He said the point of the rally, aside from trying to convince the governor to open the state, is to show local businesses and business owners that they have support.
“We want people to just feel supported. We want to give them something to do to show their dissatisfaction besides writing letters,” Roberts said. “We have some marching orders that we’re going to give to people.”
Those marching orders are to contract the governor and to contact their local state legislators.
“It’s not going to put anybody ask risk. Everybody can be in their car in their little bubble. We want to be respectful of the governor’s order,” he said.
Those interested in attending or watching the rally will be able to find it on the All Jobs Are Essential Facebook Page.

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