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Pocatello semiconductor manufacturing plant to close

The Onsemi facility on Alvin Ricken Drive will be closing. | Kalama Hines,
POCATELLO — Onsemi, a technology company formerly known as ON Semiconductor, is closing its Pocatello manufacturing plant.
For more than a decade, Onsemi operated two semiconductor plants in Pocatello, but one of those plants was purchased by LA Semiconductor in 2022. Now, the other plant — on Alvin Ricken Drive — will close as part of the company’s consolidation process, according to a statement from Onsemi.
“As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize our global footprint, Onsemi is further consolidating sites into Centers of Excellence,” the statement provided to via email says in part. “The closure of the Pocatello operations is a difficult step to enhance the company’s ability to innovate and collaborate and to increase organizational efficiencies to position the company for future growth.”
According to a spokesman for LA Semiconductor, its plant will not be closing.
Onsemi would not say how many employees work at the 550,000-square foot facility but, according to the statement, those who are employed have been offered positions at other facilities.
“Where possible, we have offered impacted employees the opportunity to relocate and are working closely with those impacted to provide resources and support in pursuing their next opportunity,” the statement says. “All employees are eligible to apply for other positions within the company.”
Onsemi did not say when the plant would officially close.
The company announced last week that it plans to cut 1,000 jobs globally, according to Reuters. While it is not clear if this closure is part of that plan, Onsemi told Reuters that it plans to close nine of its sites while reassigning or relocating an additional 300 employees.
Onsemi has been a fixture in Pocatello since 2008, when the company acquired Pocatello’s AMI Semiconductor plant, according to the Idaho State Journal.
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