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Pocatello man who squatted in home he was being paid to fix has charges sent to problem solving court

Kodie Martin Munn | Bannock County Jail
POCATELLO — A man who pleaded guilty to burglary after living in a home he was being paid to maintain has been ordered to complete the drug court program.
Kodie Martin Munn, 51, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony burglary as part of a plea agreement, court records show. In exchange, the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed a third count of the same charge and one count of felony grand theft.
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His case has been forwarded to the Felony Drug Court treatment program by District Judge Rick Carnaroli.
Similar to the Wood Court Program, drug court will require Munn submit and pass regular urinalysis tests while also satisfactorily completing drug treatment programs. Program directors will help Munn find treatment resources, employment and housing in an attempt to deter recidivism.
In order to gain admission into a treatment court program, a defendant must apply and their crimes and criminal history must fit certain criteria.
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Munn was arrested in 2023 after a woman who paid him to make minor repairs to her home while she was away came home to find he had been living in her home. She told police Munn stole several items, including jewelry, a piggy bank filled with change and a collection of commemorative coins.
She told officers Munn had urinated on furniture in the home.
Officers were able to recover some of the jewelry stolen, while other items were never found.
As part of his enrollment in drug treatment court, Munn will be required to pay into the program. As of March, he has accrued more than $700 in fees.
If and when he completes the program, Munn’s case will be returned to Carnaroli who will then decide on judgement. The judge has the option to release Munn from all charges. If he fails the program, Munn will will return to Carnaroli for sentencing.
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