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Planning a fishing trip near Preston? Officials reminding you to beware of boating restrictions

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The following is a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
PRESTON – In late 2021, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved regulations for the 2022–2024 fishing seasons. One change that has generated a number of questions was the removal of boat and motor restrictions for anglers on Foster, Winder and Weston reservoirs in southeast Idaho. Even though these restrictions were removed from Idaho Fish and Game’s fishing regulations, those restrictions still remain unchanged for those bodies of water per rules set by the local water managers.
Idaho Fish and Game asks anglers and other water users to keep these points in mind:

Local water managers have rules that are conditions of entry onto their waters and apply to everyone, not just anglers. Violations of these rules can result in trespass citations.
Please remember that the local water managers have rules that apply to ALL of the reservoirs they manage, not just the ones mentioned in this news release.
Signs have been placed at each reservoir alerting the public to the local water manager restrictions for those water bodies.
There were a number of changes to the fishing regulations besides those related to motor restrictions, so please review them before heading out for some fishing fun.

Fishing rules and regulations are set in place to help Idaho Fish and Game manage the fish resources for the angling public. Local restrictions placed by irrigation companies are there to help them manage their water resources for irrigators. Please be sure you know ALL rules for each reservoir before fishing, boating, or participating in other activities.
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