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New Marshall Public Library display features photos from local photographer, library assistant

A sleuth of Grizzly Bears photographed by Taylor Bunn | Photo courtesy of the City of Pocatello
POCATELLO — Photography has always been a part of Taylor Bunn’s life.
“It has been my hobby for almost as long as I can remember,” Bunn, a Marshall Public Library assistant, told “My mom, she was really big into photography … gave me my first camera.”
That hobby stuck, from the first time Bunn took that old film camera to California’s Yosemite National Park until today. In 2012, the now 26-year-old Bunn moved to Idaho and that’s when she discovered a passion for wildlife photography.
“The wildlife is incredible here,” she said. “There’s nothing close to this in California. I just became enamored.”

Now, Bunn has put a collection of her photos on display at the Marshall Public Library. The display is easily found, on the immediate right and left at the top of the stairs on the second floor.
The display, an ode to Idaho and Bunn’s love for her adopted home, is the brainchild of Library Specialist Jen Hawkins, who saw Bunn’s photography and proposed a library highlight.
All the photos, which make up a five-year accumulation of work, are taken in Idaho and bordering Yellowstone National Park, Bunn said. All are taken on public land, something she believes is important.
“It’s all taken on public land, which Idaho has an incredible amount of,” Bunn said. “I wanted people to see how truly incredible their home is.”

While Bunn, who works on the first floor of the library, does not get many opportunities to see the reaction from viewers, what she has seen was exactly what she had hoped for.
“When I was setting it up, there was a mother and her daughter who come in here — they’re regulars — and they were so excited about it. It just warmed my heart so much. They were like, ‘look at all these animals that live in Idaho,’ and I was like, ‘that’s exactly the point.’”
Bunn went on to discuss her equipment, saying that it doesn’t take a $5,000 camera to enjoy taking photos while producing awe-inspiring prints.

Her camera, a Nikon D3200, what she called an entry-level camera, can be purchased on Amazon for less than $600. Her lenses, which are significantly more expensive, give her the freedoms she needs for images like those in the gallery.
A Tokina 11-20mm lens was used for her landscape pictures, including one of Yellowstone Falls. Her Nikkor 200-500mm gives her the freedom to take action shots of the animals without disturbing them, which is something that is very important to her.
Bunn’s photos will be on display at the Marshall Public Library through February. Though display is meant to be exactly that, Bunn said she is willing to sell copies of the prints. Interested buyers can email her at
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