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New business opening in Idaho Falls wants to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Photos provided by Alex Vanderpool
IDAHO FALLS – If you feel like your goal to eat healthier or lose weight in the new year isn’t going as well as you’d planned, then Teton’s Healthy Hub may be a place you want to visit.
It’s a new business offering a variety of nutrition products along with one-on-one coaching for customers. It’s opening inside Teton Village in Idaho Falls next to Little Caesar’s in the space formerly occupied by Fast Bucks.
Tyler Varney and his co-owners, Alex Vanderpool and Matt Tollison tell they plan to open the first week of March.
“If everything goes as planned, we would love to (have our grand opening) Saturday, March 7, with giveaways, discounts and a whole lot of fun. Then to have Thursday and Friday be our soft opening,” Varney says.
Some of Teton Healthy Hub’s products include meal replacement shakes, clean energy teas, children’s and sports nutrition products. The product list also includes Keto-friendly and caffeine-free options, along with hydration drinks.
“All of us just love to help people,” Vanderpool says. “We serve those who have health issues, who want to lose weight.”
The trio started the same type of business in Oklahoma two years ago and they say relationships are the motivation behind people’s desire to make a lifestyle change.
“They have a 9-year-old kid they can’t play basketball or soccer with for more than 5 or 10 minutes and they know that if they don’t change their nutrition lifestyle, they may not see their kids graduate or get married,” Varney says.
Varney worked with Randy Waters at SVN High Desert Commercial and Century 21 High Desert to lease the 900-square-foot space after Fast Bucks relocated in January.
Varney and his co-workers grew up in Oklahoma City. They have no ties to eastern Idaho, but after six months of market research, they determined it was an ideal location for their growing business model.

From left: Matt Tollison, Alex Vanderpool and Tyler Varney are opening Teton’s Healthy Hub inside Teton Village at 2071 E. 17th Street in Idaho Falls March 6. | Rett Nelson,
“Up north in areas with national parks, there’s a lot of healthy, active people that just really enjoy nature. People that like to hike, go biking. We heard there’s base jumping (near Twin Falls), so a lot of active things to do outdoors,” says Varney.
The growth in Idaho Falls was another factor in bringing the business here. Many states in the south, east and midwest have a lot of companies like Teton’s Healthy Hub sprouting up everywhere, Varney says, but the pacific northwest is virtually untouched.
While each of these businesses offers the same products and services, each is independently owned and not part of a franchise, Varney says.
Varney and his partners have had experiences that directly impacted their interest in starting a nutrition business. Vanderpool says her mom taught her good nutrition to help her do well in sports.
Varney was involved in a car accident several years ago that nearly took his life. The first responder who came and rescued him instilled in him a desire to help others. He eventually got into nutrition because he wanted to help others overcome their challenges.
Tollison lost 50 pounds using nutrition principles he acquired before partnering with Vanderpool and Varney.
“I’m here to serve people and help people lose the weight they want to lose and be healthy. The obesity rate is going up and it’s sad to see people like that,” Tollison says.
Varney and his colleagues moved here in December and are happy with their experience so far. Varney says they are considering several locations on the other side of town to open another store in October.
Teton’s Healthy Hub is opening at 2071 E. 17th Street. Its operating hours will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Visit the Facebook page for more information.


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