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Mysterious crop circles in Shelley spark confusion

Mysterious crop circles visible off the west side of Interstate-15 near Shelley appeared last week. has been unable to confirm little about them other than the fact that they exist. | Kalama Hines,
SHELLEY — Circles appearing to resemble a pepperoni pizza appeared last week in a Shelley field. Written in the center — “M9SD6L” — and surrounding the shape? Lots of questions.
Since Wednesday, has received numerous inquiries regarding the mysterious crop circles.
“Please find out what this crop circle, snow circle says,” one viewer asked in a Facebook message. “It is on the north side of the highway just south of the Shelley exit. Maybe it has some really great news for us for 2021!”
So where did they come from? Who put them there? What does it all mean?

An aerial of the crop circles uploaded to Facebook. | Photo courtesy Jeff Katseanes
We drove out to the field, confirmed the crop circles do exist and spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Here’s what we know:
The crop circles do exist
The crop circles are visible off the west side of I-15 near Shelley. We couldn’t drive into the middle of the field and were unable to stop along the interstate, so the dimension of the design is hard to estimate.
The crop circles are on property owned by Ryan Searle
In an email with, Ryan Searle, the owner of Wild Adventure Corn Maze, said that his involvement with the design is “minimal.”
“The only thing we are involved with is the fact they used our field. Other than that, I don’t have any additional information,” he said.
Searle didn’t say “they” was but admitted he may have missed a golden advertising opportunity by not coming up with the idea himself.
Mysterious corn mazes are not new to the Northwest
Crop circles have mysteriously popped up across the country in the past. The Geib family of Wiblur, Washington, found a strange circle in their wheat field in late July, 2012.
Mysterious Crop Circle Baffles Wash. Family
That was the third time crop circles appeared in Wiblur, and first on that property, according to the family.
In October 2015, crop circles appeared in a field in Salina, California. In that case, a security firm had been hired to “protect the land from rowdiness,” but could not identify the owner of the property.
California Crop Circle Sparks UFO Talk
The mystery of that crop circle includes a YouTube video showing two friends discovering the circles after following an ominous green flashing light.
As the days and weeks go on, perhaps we will learn more about the Shelley crop circle. We want to help solve the mystery, so if you know anything about it, or have experienced mystery crop circles on your property, email
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