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Meet dynamic duo Chibi and Sadie!

Chibi and Sadie | Snake River Animal Shelter
Meet Chibi and Sadie — they’re our Pets of the Week! This mother-daughter duo is a bonded pair, so they need to be adopted together.
These pretty girls seem to be some sort of herding dog mix. So, a home without small critters like cats is a good idea. In fact, they would do best in a pet- and kid-free home.
If you can give these girls your whole heart, they will love you with all of theirs!
Chibi and Sadie are fully sponsored, so their adoption fees are completely paid already.
Chibi and Sadie and lots of other animals are available for adoption at 3000 Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls. You can see pictures and learn about the shelter on SRAS’s Facebook page or website.
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