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McDonald’s new McFlurry is inspired by grandmothers

McDonald’s is introducing a limited-edition Grandma McFlurry. | McDonald’s USA, LLC via CNN Newsource
NEW YORK (CNN) — McDonald’s newest McFlurry flavor is inspired by someone old: your grandmother.
Beginning May 21, the chain is releasing for a limited time a “Grandma McFlurry,” a sweet new treat that mixes syrup, vanilla ice cream and crunchy candy pieces, which McDonald’s jokes is “like grandma’s favorite treat that she hid in her purse.”
McDonald’s didn’t reveal the flavors of the candy used in the McFlurry, but Reddit users are claiming it’s butterscotch — similar to Werther’s Original candy, a favorite among grandmas.
“Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they’re having a major moment influencing culture — inspiring trends in fashion, decor and now, even food with our newest McFlurry,” said Tariq Hassan, chief marketing and customer experience Officer for McDonald’s, in a release.
“Grandmacore” is an aesthetic currently popular among Gen Zers on TikTok. It draws its inspiration from the coziness and stereotypical grandmother interests, like knitting and baking.
McDonald’s is also likely hoping to imitate the success of its Grimace shake last summer.
The chain’s sales have struggled in recent months with inflation-drained customers rejecting McDonald’s or cooking at home. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that, next month, McDonald’s plans to release a $5 meal deal to lure back cost-conscious customers.
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