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Man who ran into traffic charged with first-degree murder

Kayden Ford | Bingham County Jail
SHELLEY — A man accused of stabbing his father to death has been charged with first-degree murder.
Kayden Ford, 23, is now facing life in prison or possibly the death penalty for alleged stabbing.
Police reports show Kayden was living with his father Joshua Ford, 48, in a camper trailer near Base Line Road in Shelley.
Around 7:15 a.m. Thursday, Bingham County deputies were called to the area after Kayden reportedly jumped in front of a moving car. Just 13 minutes later, Joshua’s body was found under a sleeping bag with a large stab wound in his chest.
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Kayden is hit by a car
Court documents show Kayden left the camper on foot around 7 a.m. on a dirt road. Shortly after he was observed by a female relative who was driving on that road. She saw Kayden pacing back and forth along the road.
She later told law enforcement that when Kayden spotted her he ran toward the vehicle and asked for a ride. As he approached she noticed he had blood spattered on his face and an “extensive” amount of blood on his shorts, according to court documents.
She was scared and drove off without Kayden passing a white vehicle that was driving in the opposite direction.
Shortly after the female relative drove off, Kayden allegedly jumped in front of the white car and was hit. Deputies were called and Kayden was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for treatment.
Joshua’s body is found
Around 7:30 a.m. law enforcement got a call that a body had been found. The wife of the property owner where the Fords’ trailer was located found Joshua’s body outside the camper under a sleeping bag, according to court documents.
When Bingham County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene they found Joshua with a large stab wound in his chest.
Near the body on the ground, they found a large black-handled kitchen knife covered in blood.
Deputies obtained a search warrant and began investigating the camper. They found blood all over the mattress where Joshua slept, according to documents. They found more blood spatter on the walls and the window in the area of the mattress.
At the hospital
After Joshua’s body was found, deputies went to the hospital to question Kayden. According to documents, Kayden said he didn’t remember what happened. However, he did say that he and his father had an argument the night before. He also allegedly admitted to being in the camper that morning.
Deputies collected from the emergency room a t-shirt with dried bloodstains, white shorts with bloodstains, smears and droplets of blood and a pair of shoes with droplets of blood on them.
Deputies also noted a lot of blood spatter on Kayden’s face and head.
Later, deputies spoke to a witness who had reportedly been in contact with Kayden before Joshua’s death. She allegedly told them that Kayden said he’d been arguing with Joshua over smoking in the house, their living arrangements and wrecking a vehicle.
Kayden made his initial court appearance Friday. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 2. He is currently being held in the Bingham County Jail on a $1 million bond.

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