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Man who lost leg in farming accident has endured multiple surgeries as fundraiser aims to help

Riley Davis | Photo Courtesy of GoFundMe
NEWDALE — Friends, family and community members are raising money for a man who lost his leg after slipping and falling into a grain auger in Fremont County.
Riley Davis, a 25-year-old Arizona native, was cleaning up around the grain bins at a silo on Friday when he “slipped on ice and fell into a large grain auger,” according to a GoFundMe fundraising account. “His left leg was amputated above the knee, and he is currently undergoing a series of operations.”
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The GoFundMe says Davis moved to eastern Idaho to be closer to the things he loved to do – working on old pickup trucks, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and anything outside.
Part of this included working on a farm to assist with the potato and grain harvest labor.
According to the fundraiser set up by Davis’ family, Riley is “one of those guys who will drop everything to help someone else out and expect nothing in return.”
The fundraiser is aiming to raise $50,000 for multiple surgeries. Updates explain how the road to recovery will be long, but according to the family, if anyone can do it, Riley can.
“Riley has had 4 surgeries so far. He is very tired and in a lot of pain. But he’s a champ,” writes Emily Davis. “He’s been joking and has the most positive attitude, despite the circumstances.”
According to the fundraiser, Davis has worked in construction for most of his life and served a Latter-day Saint church mission in Japan from 2018-2020.
“As the accident is still fresh, Riley’s future is unknown, but it will be a long road to recovery. Life will look much different for him without two legs to do his favorite things,” states the fundraiser. “Let’s give Riley a leg to stand on because he would do the same for you!”
Visit the GoFundMe to learn more about Davis and to donate for his medical expenses.
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