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Man pulled a gun during road rage incident, police say

Chirstopher Vargas Marinez | Idaho Falls Police Department
IDAHO FALLS — A road rage incident nearly turned deadly when one driver reportedly pulled a gun on the other.
Police reports show an Idaho Falls man was headed west on East Anderson Street shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday when someone began tailgating him. After trying to signal the person behind him to pass he eventually stopped. When he went to confront the other driver, Christopher Vargas Martinez, 20, stepped out of his truck and allegedly pointed a gun at the man.
“We ended up getting in front of Soapy’s Car Wash and I slowed down to the point that I stopped. This guy just started honking his horn at me and I honked back at him and then he started yelling and screaming at me,” the victim told
He said he got out of his car to go tell Martinez to go around him.
“The guy just short-circuited and jumped out of his car and I jumped back because I thought that we were going to end up getting into a fight. And the guy pulled a gun on me,” the victim said.
He said the gun was pointed directly at his chest. When he saw the gun, he said his first thoughts were about his wife and kids.
“My first comment was ‘(wife’s name) he’s got a gun,’” he said.
The event occurred in front of multiple witnesses, several of whom called police. Idaho Falls Police spokeswoman Jessica Clements said when officers arrived they had their weapons drawn and ordered Martinez to get on the ground. The firearm was located in Martinez’ waistband, and Martinez admitted to pointing it at the other driver during the course of their argument, according to an IFPD news release.
Martinez complied with officers and was taken into custody, Clements said.
“When we respond to a call like that, where emotions are high and there’s a weapon involved, there’s a higher response to that,” Clements said. “The officer approached Mr. Vargas with his firearm in a low ready position. He ordered him to get on the road in a face-down position and he complied without incident.”
Martinez was transported to the Bonneville County Jail. He is facing a felony charge of aggravated assault.

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