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Man planned to marry teenage girl when she turns 18, but now he’s awaiting sentencing for rape

Logan Adams | Fremont County Sheriff
ST. ANTHONY — A St. Anthony man is awaiting sentencing on rape charges after he engaged in a sexual relationship with a teenage girl for several months.
On Aug. 22, prosecutors arrested and charged 20-year-old Logan Adams with two felony counts of rape of a teenage girl and misdemeanor disseminating harmful material. In Idaho, a minor cannot legally consent to sex, and any sexual activity is considered a crime by the adult.
Just over a month later, prosecutors charged Adams with another three felony counts of possession of sexually exploitative material of a child.
Redacted police reports were released in this case following a public records request sent on Dec. 11 by
During interviews with police, investigators learned a then-19-year-old Adams begun a relationship with a 15-year-old victim in Sept. 2018. The victim told a forensic interviewer she had known Adams for several years, and their sexual relationship began when he broke things off with his ex-wife for cheating on him and “she was there to comfort Logan after the breakup.”
“(Adams) did not pressure her and she thinks she was not raped by him,” an investigator wrote in his report.
After October 2018 came around, the two told the victim’s parents about their sexual relationship and were not allowed to see each other for a while.
“They were told (by her parents) if they would wait until she turned 18 all would be okay,” officers said in the report. “They had a plan to get married, names of their children and planned the wedding. They were both advised to not be more than friends but they decided to be more than friends.”
The relationship continued and Adams would pick her up from school during class time. According to the report, they would watch movies, smoke marijuana and have sex. The relationship ended earlier this year after the victim’s mother discovered on an app that she was at Adam’s home.
“(The victim) said that her dad didn’t want to potentially ruin Logan’s life, but he took (his daughter) to the police station to do a report,” an investigator writes in the report. “Dad also talked with his (Adam’s) parents to get Logan in to report it.”
Adams did not report the relationship to police, however, officers did investigate the case. Investigators obtained both the victim’s and Adam’s phone and discovered explicit images Adams sent to the teen while the sexual abuse was occurring. Investigators also discovered over 200 pornographic images of the victim on Adam’s phone.
Adams was released from jail in August after posting a $10,000 bond.
The signed plea agrement
As part of a plea agreement signed by Adams on Dec. 5, prosecutors dismissed the three felony counts of possession of sexually exploitative material of a child in exchange for Adams to plead guilty to the two felony counts of rape of a teenage girl and misdemeanor disseminating harmful material.
The plea agreement outlines the prosecution will recommend Adams be sentenced to three to 10 years for each of the rape charges. For the misdemeanor crime, the state will ask Adams to be sentenced to one year in jail. The sentences are to be served together.
With the sentencing recommendations, the plea agreement stipulates prosecutors ask the court to retain jurisdiction on Adam’s case. In a retained jurisdiction or rider program, the defendant is placed into an Idaho Department of Correction facility to receive intensive programming and education. Once an offender completes the rider, the court decides to either place them on probation or sentence them to incarceration. A rider is typically six-months to one-year long.
The plea agreement is non-binding on the court, meaning the Judge does not need to listen to the prosecutors’ recommendations.
Adams is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 25 at the Fremont County Courthouse.
Under Idaho Law Adams will have to register as a sex offender. He has no prior criminal record in Idaho.

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