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Man naked from waist down intentionally crashes into Florida jail, say investigators

STUART, Florida (WPBF) — The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a partially clothed man crashed his car into the lobby of the county jail.
Investigators say 40-year-old Joseph Leedy is now in custody after driving from the jail parking lot, up the walkway then through the glass lobby doors.
He then entered the lobby, naked from the waist down. He also threw rubber snakes around the lobby, and then doused his vehicle with motor oil.
The sheriff’s office says the suspect was erratic, making homicidal statements. While also making comments about former President Donald Trump.
“He just talked about his hatred for the former President Donald Trump. He also emphasized that the devil told him to kill as many people as possible,” said Chief Deputy John Budensiek.
According to the sheriff’s office, he was unable to breach the steel security doors inside.
Sheriff’s office officials said no one was in the lobby at the time, and they will be looking into improving security around the front of the jail.
“We see where this can’t happen again and there is a vulnerability. And again our first priority is to keep our citizens and deputies safe and do what we have to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” said Budensiek.
At this time, no visitors are allowed inside the jail. The Sheriff’s Office hopes to have a makeshift door put in by the end of Tuesday evening.
Leedy faces multiple counts of aggravated assault on an officer.

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