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Man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill woman

Ryan Allyn Kirkbride | Bonneville County Jail
AMMON — A 45-year-old Ammon man is facing charges after allegedly putting a woman into a chokehold, dragging her from her neighbor’s house and threatening to kill her.
Ryan Allyn Kirkbride has been charged with felony second-degree kidnapping, felony attempted strangulation, misdemeanor resisting arrest and misdemeanor attempted destruction of a telecommunication line.
On Friday, deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded to a disturbance at a residence off Rebel Road in Ammon just before 9 p.m. A neighbor said a woman was banging on their door yelling for help before a man dragged her back to her home, a news release said.
When deputies got to the scene, they could hear arguing that went quiet as soon as they knocked on the door.
Deputies saw blood smeared on the front door. After no response, a deputy went to the back of the home and, through a window, heard what sounded like a woman struggling to talk and breathe — “as if she were choking” — and a man talking quietly, the release said.
Law enforcement then forced their way into the home and found a man — identified as Kirkbride — holding a woman down on the floor in a bedroom.
Kirkbride struggled with deputies inside and outside of the home and was put in handcuffs and detained in a patrol car, the release said.
Blood from the victim was found on Kirkbride’s arms and clothes. He also had her cell phone, the release said.
Deputies found the woman had bleeding cuts and injuries around her neck. She was checked out by Idaho Falls Ambulance personnel.
The victim told deputies that Kirkbride woke her up and that he was intoxicated.
“An altercation ensued where Kirkbride had her in a chokehold,” the release said.
She said Kirkbride took her phone to prevent her from calling 911, causing her to run to the neighbor’s house to get help.
The victim told deputies that he followed her to the neighbor’s house and put his arm around her neck to drag her back to the home.
She told deputies that when they knocked on the door when they arrived, Kirkbride told her that “if she screamed, he would kill her” and continued to choke the woman, the release said.
Kirkbride was then booked into the Bonneville County Jail.
According to court records, Kirkbride was given a $75,000 bond and issued a no-contact order.
Kirkbride is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. at the Bonneville County Courthouse.
Though Kirkbride has been charged with these crimes, it does not necessarily mean he committed them. Everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.
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