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Man apologizes for killing friend as he’s sentenced to prison for second-degree murder

Marshall Hendricks, 31, was sentenced to 11 years fixed, 25 years indeterminate for the murder of his friend. See the sentence and his statement in the video above. | Photo and video by Jordan Wood,
IDAHO FALLS – Marshall Hendricks offered an emotional apology Monday to the family of the man he is convicted of killing.
During a sentencing hearing at the Bonneville County Courthouse, District Judge Dane Watkins ordered Hendricks, 31, serve an 11-year fixed sentence with 25 years indeterminate. Watkins also imposed a $5,000 compensatory fine and an additional $5,000 fine.
A jury found Hendricks guilty of second-degree murder in June for shooting his friend, Rory Neddo, during a heated argument in 2019.
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Neddo reportedly became upset at Hendricks over a sexual relationship Hendricks had with Neddo’s ex-girlfriend. While at a friend’s house, Hendricks told Neddo where he was and said, “If you want to f****** fight, let’s fight.” Neddo replied, “I’m coming over to blow out your kneecaps.”
The two then began acting aggressively toward each other, and Neddo threatened that Hendricks would never speak again. Hendricks then shot Neddo in the face.
Hendricks is now married to the woman that the fight was about. He pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges last year.
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During Monday’s hearing, two witnesses provided statements in Hendricks’ defense.
Hendricks’ attorney, Allen Browning, said his client feels terrible about what happened and did everything he could to avoid the outcome. He recommended Hendricks serve the minimum sentence of 10 years, according to Idaho law.
Bonneville County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney John Dewey said Hendricks acted with malice and recommended a sentence of 12 years fixed and 18 years indeterminate.
After weighing all the factors, Watkins determined 11 years fixed was the appropriate sentence with credit for time served. He said Hendricks’ previous criminal history and the consequential loss of life were the factors behind his decision.
Watkins gave Hendricks a chance to make a statement prior to sentencing. Hendricks stood and held back tears as he offered an apology to Neddo’s family.
“I screwed up having a firearm in the first place,” Hendricks said. “Words can’t describe how sorry I am for all of this. I’d give anything to go back and change it … I know (Neddo’s) family well and I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of this.”
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