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Looking back: Man describes what it felt like being struck by lightning, man inherits millions of dollars and kids start home on fire

Jefferson County posse rides at many events. 1952. | Courtesy The Rigby Star
IDAHO FALLS — is looking back at what life was like during the week of Aug. 7 to Aug. 13 in east Idaho history.
BLACKFOOT — A man was injured but survived after being struck by lightning, the Blackfoot Idaho Republican reported in its Aug. 13, 1909, newspaper.
While the family of F.M. Randall were at dinner, a “crash of lightning” knocked them onto the floor. Everybody “recovered in a short time” except for Roy Randall, who was struck by the bolt.
Randall told the paper he saw the flash, felt the flame about him and had thoughts of a gun being discharged.
“He fell to the floor, head down as he remembers, and knew nothing more until the doctor restored him with medicine,” the paper explained. “Then he felt as if needles were running through his flesh from the right shoulder to the hip and he fell asleep.”
When he regained consciousness, he said the pain “was the same but less severe.” He was unconscious for about two hours and “where the pain was greatest, the flesh was darkest.”
The same lightning storm that went into the Randall home also went into a number of other places nearby. The lightning made “lively electrical displays, burning out telephones and stampeding the occupants.”
POCATELLO — A well-known Pocatello man inherited a massive fortune, The Rigby Star reported on Aug. 7, 1930.
E.F. Van Horn, Pocatello magazine solicitor and collector, was told he was an heir of Baron Gilbert Van Horn, who made a fortune in South America before the world war and who was lost on the Lusitania.
“The estate is reported to be valued at $5,000,000 and indications are the local man and a brother Major Van Horn … are the only heirs,” the article states.
RIGBY — A circus day was happening in Rigby, The Rigby Star reported on Aug. 8, 1957.
“Early this morning, the Carson and Barnes 3-ring Wild Animal Circus rolled into town to begin the days activities that have been looked forward to by most of the children and quite a few grown-ups as well,” the article reads.
The circus featured wire-walkers, jugglers, acrobats, comedy bar and trampoline artists. There were also going to be chimps, bears and monkeys who could ride bikes and roller skate. Elephants, a hippopotamus and a 24-foot reptile were also set to make appearances.
IDAHO FALLS — Children were being blamed for a home starting on fire, the Idaho Falls Post Register reported on Aug. 10, 1977.
Idaho Falls firefighters were called to a fire that caused about $500 worth of damages. Captain Laren Parsons said the fire was started by children playing with matches and gasoline.
Parsons said the fiberglass panels in the sidewalls of the patio caught fire and began to melt, creating a lot of smoke. He also said there was a small amount of smoke damage to the inside of the house.
It wasn’t clear at the time who the owner of the home was but it was being rented by Diane Hall.
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