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Looking back: Christmas festivities held, near record-breaking snowfall brings white Christmas and community helps families in need

The Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was opened in 1903 in Idaho Falls. | Courtesy photo
IDAHO FALLS — is looking back at what life was like during the week of Dec. 19 to Dec. 25 in east Idaho history.
BLACKFOOT — A local paper shared tips on how to quickly put out Christmas tree fires if one broke out at home.
On Dec. 21, 1906, the Blackfoot Idaho Republican explained that one of the most frequent accidents that happen on Christmas is “the burning either of the tree or of the clothing of persons near by.”
“Accidents will happen, even at Christmas time, and one should be prepared to meet them promptly,” the article states.
The Blackfoot Idaho Republican suggested a “long stick with a sponge tied on the end and several pails of water” should be in every room that had a lighted Christmas tree.
“The wet sponge will very quickly extinguish the fire in the part of the tree that has caught fire,“ the paper said.
If clothing caught fire, the article said the person should lie down on the floor, and a rug or blanket should quickly be wrapped around the person in order to “smother the flames.”
“On no account should he rush around or get into a draft as it only fans the flames,” the article explained.
RIGBY — Over 1,000 bags of candies and nuts were given to Rigby children by Santa, The Rigby Star wrote on Dec. 24, 1927.
The bags — that were made possible through the “courtesy of the business men of Rigby” — were given to the children at the Christmas tree on Main Street.
“Before the appointed time, large numbers of children congregated on the street, and by the time Santa appeared from West Main Street with his sled, a big crowd had assembled,” the article reads.
It continues, “The event made a hit (and it) was evidenced in the smiles of the youngsters.”
POCATELLO — Southeast Idaho residents saw seven inches of snow hit the ground in less than 24 hours, assuring them they’d have a white Christmas, the Idaho State Journal reported on Dec. 24, 1951.
“In January 1950, there was a fall of 10 inches of snow in one 24-hour period. It was the heaviest snowfall since (the 1930s),” the paper noted. “But the Sunday blanket of white (1951 snowstorm) was a close second.”
POCATELLO — Pocatellans were “helping make the holiday brighter” for families in need in their community, the Idaho State Journal said on Dec. 21, 1976.
As part of the Journal’s “Help Them to Hope” project, schools, Boy Scout troops, local groups, businesses and individuals donated a variety of items for those in need.
One family of six was going to have their “basic needs … met,” through the project, according to the paper. The family was going to receive bedding, shoes, clothing, groceries and one month of rent paid for.
Other families in need were gifted portable electric heaters, meat and money.
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