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Locally-produced paranormal film coming to theater in Idaho Falls this October

The Snow Cabin 2 is coming to the Paramount Theater in Idaho Falls. | Courtesy Scratchboard Productions Facebook
IDAHO FALLS — A paranormal movie that takes place in eastern Idaho and is filmed by a local film crew is hitting the big screen in time for Halloween.
Scratchboard Productions is getting ready to release its third feature film called The Snow Cabin 2. The movie is made up of local actors and was filmed in parts of Idaho Falls, Ammon, Ucon, Iona, Ririe and Heise. It showcases local businesses, properties and city parks.
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“It’s not super scary. We made it to where it was, I would say, family-friendly,” Travis Parker, the movie’s writer and director, told “There’s not a lot of gore. There’s a little bit of blood at the end but it’s not very graphic.”
The story is a continuation of the crew’s first film called The Snow Cabin, which was released in 2021.
“It is … about a cabin that has a curse on it and there’s a little girl who is trapped inside because her soul has been cursed and she’s trapped to stay inside there forever,” Parker explained about The Snow Cabin 2. “A couple of girls in the first movie went ghost hunting there and one of them got trapped from the same curse. In this movie, her friend is feeling guilty she left her there and she’s going back to try and get her out.”
Parker said the story idea came from a walk-through mini haunted house his family use to set up around Halloween in their garage.
“It was the story line we had of this little girl named Betty Joe that died because some witches got a hold of her. It spiraled out from there and (we) decided it’s a cool story line, let’s continue on with it and make it a little bigger,” Parker said. “It got a little too big for a haunted house and we made it into a movie instead.”

A scene from The Snow Cabin 2. | Courtesy Scratchboard Productions
Parker is from Arizona, but he’s lived in Idaho Falls for 11 years. He enjoys searching for local places to highlight in his movies and show off parts of the place he calls home.
“It’s pretty fun because everywhere that I go in my normal day-to-day life, I am looking around like where is going to be a cool place to film?” he mentioned. “I’m constantly looking at this city trying to find the most interesting places.”
Parker, who went to school for audio engineering but is self-taught when it comes to filmmaking, began writing the script for The Snow Cabin 2 in December 2022 and filming started in May 2023. Filming wrapped up mid-September and editing is currently underway.
The film will be showing at the Paramount Theater in Idaho Falls. The opening night is a private showing that will take place Oct. 19. To get tickets, reach out to Scratchboard Productions on Facebook. Showings will continue Oct. 20, 21 and 23. Tickets for those dates can be purchased in person at the box office or on the Paramount website.
“If people love the area that they live in then come and support a story that was built here,” Parker stated. “We want everybody to come see it and support all the hard-work that our actors have done. They’ve spent pretty much their entire summer working on it.”
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