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Local woman serves others by spreading ‘Lasagna Love,’ and she’s encouraging you to serve daily to honor 9/11 victims

Susan Stucki, right, is a specialist with JustServe Idaho, an organization that connects people to service opportunities. A national nonprofit called Lasagna Love works with JustServe. In the video above, Stucki explains how JustServe works and why being part of it has blessed her life. | Photo on left courtesy JustServe Idaho Facebook page
IDAHO FALLS – A local woman is calling on eastern Idahoans to do a daily act of service leading up to Sept. 11 as part of the National Day of Service movement.
In 2009, Congress officially recognized Sept. 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, where people do community service projects in memory of deceased victims of the terrorist attacks in 2001.
Susan Stucki of Idaho Falls is a specialist for JustServe Idaho, an organization operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that connects volunteers of all faiths to service opportunities. She tells there are numerous ways people can get involved, such as serving at a local food pantry or animal shelter. Volunteer opportunities are also available at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission or the Ronald McDonald Family Room.
“There are dozens of ways we can serve. Lots of things can be done from home,” Stucki says.
And some of the most meaningful acts of service are small and simple, she says.
“It doesn’t have to cost anything, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time,” says Stucki. “Consistent kindness is (what this is all about).”
One thing Stucki does to serve people is make and deliver lasagna to local families through a national organization called Lasagna Love.
Rhiannon Menn of San Diego founded the nonprofit in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Menn saw many people struggling in a variety of ways and wanted to help but wasn’t sure what to do. She had an idea to make a pan of lasagna and asked her social media friends who they knew who could benefit.
Her idea spread, and many people got involved to support her cause. Today, millions of people across the globe donate their time to spread lasagna love in their neighborhoods.
Stucki first heard about it in 2021 and knew right away she wanted to participate. It’s an experience she says has blessed her life.
“It’s addictive. It is so satisfying to serve someone, to share a little kindness,” Stucki says.
She talks about one delivery that was particularly meaningful to her in the video above.
Lasagna Love now partners with JustServe to spread the word and make people aware of service opportunities in communities across the country.
But whether it’s making lasagna or simply smiling at a stranger, Stucki is encouraging people to serve however they can.
In the flyer below, she’s provided a space where people can write down a service project or something nice they can do for someone every day from Sept. 1 through Sept. 11. Tips and suggestions are provided as well. Physical copies are available on the website, through the QR code at the bottom or by printing this article. Click here to view the flyer in full size.
Those who choose to accept the invitation will never regret it, she says.
“When you serve, you are blessed every bit as much as the person you’re serving. That’s my experience,” Stucki says.

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