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Local spa wants you to ‘Disconnect’ with cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tanks, massage and a massive hot tub

IDAHO FALLS — It’s been a long, cold winter and a local business wants to help you get warm, relax and unwind.
Disconnect Spa has been open less than a year at 3630 South 25th East and offers a variety of treatments to help customers deal with the pressures of life.
“We really just want people to be able to do whatever helps them disconnect from the stress and reconnect with themselves,” says Disconnect Spa Coordinator Michelle Fletcher.
There are several rooms at Disconnect that can be rented for singles, couples or groups. In the Oasis Celebration Room, visitors will find a massive hot tub that holds up to 18 people. A big-screen TV hangs on the wall and cold drinks can be purchased for a relaxing evening.

Disconnect Spa has a hot tub in their Oasis Celebration Room that holds up to 18 people. | Jordan Wood,
Two other rooms have smaller hot tubs for a date night or private getaway.
In other rooms, you’ll find sensory deprivation pods which each contain 1000 lbs. of high concentrated Epsom salt that is rich in magnesium.
“These chambers offer zero-gravity float therapy. You come in, lay on your back and reap the benefits of being in a zero-gravity environment as you release all the pressures of physical stress, environmental stress and float like you would on the ocean,” Fletcher says.
You can leave the lid off of the tank and wear headphones as you float.
Another option is sensory deprivation therapy where the lid closes, the lights go off and you lay in the water in dark silence.
“You are just with your body and your breath. You hear your heartbeat and it has a very in-utero effect,” Fletcher explains. “After a few sessions, you begin to sink deeper into your mind and your body.”
The tanks are good at relieving sore joints and athletes, pregnant women and others have reported positive results.

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as “cold therapy,” is a service offered at Disconnect Spa. | Jordan Wood,
Cryotherapy, sometimes known as “cold therapy,” is another service offered at Disconnect. You step inside an extremely cold tank wearing your underwear and slippers as freezing air surrounds your body. The theory is that the cold helps with inflammation and reduces pain or other symptoms. reporter Nate Eaton stepped into the cryotherapy tank. | Jordan Wood,
There are also massage rooms and the company is currently looking for massage therapists to join their team.
Watch the video above for an in-depth look at Disconnect. You can learn more, including hours and how you can connect with the company, here.
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