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Local legislator introduces bill to change legal definition of ‘sex’ in state law

Rep. Julianne Young, R- Blackfoot, listens to debate on the House floor at the Idaho Capitol on Jan. 17, 2022. | Otto Kitsinger, Idaho Capital Sun
BOISE (Idaho Capital Sun) — ​​An Idaho Republican is again working on legislation to change legal definitions of terms relating to hot-button topics in state code.
On Tuesday morning, Rep. Julianne Young, R-Blackfoot, introduced legislation to the House State Affairs Committee to change the legal definition of “sex” under Idaho code. 
According to the legislation, gender would be considered a synonym for sex rather than gender identity. The legislation would also add definitions of boy, father, female, girl, male and mother into Idaho Code.
RELATED | Blackfoot legislator wants to replace the term ‘fetus’ with ‘preborn children’ in Idaho law
Earlier this month, Young also introduced legislation to replace the word “fetus” in Idaho Code to “preborn child.” But after hearing from parents, social workers and medical professionals, members of the House State Affairs Committee on Monday voted to hold the bill in committee. The decision came after Dr. Cristin Slater, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, testified about her concerns about how the law would limit in vitro fertilization procedures.
Under Idaho Code, the legal definition of sex is “the immutable biological and physiological characteristics, specifically the chromosomes and internal and external reproductive anatomy, genetically determined at conception and generally recognizable at birth, that define an individual as male or female.” 
The legislation would change that definition to “an individual’s biological sex, either male or female.”
“This (legislation) provides a legal definition for sex both male and female that is clear and easily understandable,” she said. “And I believe that it provides us a helpful legal platform as we navigate some of these difficult issues in the state of Idaho in regard to policy with that.”
Rep. Bruce Skaug, R-Nampa, moved to introduce the legislation, which clears the way for it to return to the committee at a future date for a full public hearing. 
Planned Parenthood says legislation targets transgender Idahoans
Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, in a press release, said the intent behind the bill is to “erase the experience of trans people in Idaho.”
Idaho director of Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates Mistie DelliCarpini-Tolman said that she agrees with Young that Idaho laws are “not adequate” to ensure equal treatment under the law. But she disagrees with Young about how to improve Idaho statute language. 
“Moving away from scientific language while disregarding and disrespecting the experience of trans people in our state by forcing them to identify in a way that doesn’t match their gender identity is cruel and unhelpful,” DelliCarpini-Tolman said. “As a representative of our state as a whole, we urge Rep. Young to consider perspectives outside of her own personally held views.” 
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