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Local fire department hosts fundraiser for firefighter’s family while he’s away on deployment

North Bannock firefighters’ turnout gear in the North Bannock firehouse on Feb. 27, 2021. Firefighters from the North Bannock Fire Department hosted a drive-through spaghetti feed to benefit the family of a firefighter currently deployed with the U.S. Navy. | Video courtesy KPVI
CHUBBUCK — When the family of North Bannock firefighter Donald Dancliff was involved in a car crash just about a month ago, whether or not the station was going to help was not a question. The only question was how.
“We just all, as a group, started talking about what we could for the family,” North Bannock Firefighters’ Association President Jim Devenney told “I don’t remember who, but somebody said, ‘hey, let’s do a spaghetti fundraiser.’ We’ve done one in the past and we thought it was a great idea.”
Even though the crash was not major and no one was injured, it was still traumatic. His wife and daughter were pulled from the vehicle. Dancliff is currently on deployment in another state as a navy reserve on a 12-month assignment. Since his duties are on a volunteer basis, it prevents him from providing for his family while he is away. That’s why his associates decided to step in.
Jamie Brown is, like everyone else at the department, a volunteer firefighter. She also took over as the fundraiser chair with planning for the spaghetti feed already in motion.
No one asked a question, she said, it was immediately all hands on deck, with everyone ready to do whatever was necessary to help their brother’s family.
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But volunteer firefighters aren’t exactly prepared to feed hundreds of people, so Brown reached out to Vilano’s Italian restaurant for help. She talked to the manager there, asking for tips. But after explaining the situation, Vilano’s offered more than advice.
“We did have Vilano’s Pizzeria step in huge,” Brown told “I called them with a question, and the owner, she just was willing to help with anything she can. … It was awesome.”
The spaghetti was made by the firefighters, and the cookies and rolls were purchased. But the salad and salad dressing was donated by Vilano’s.

North Bannock Firefighters’ Association President President Jim Devenney watches the spaghetti feed operation from the drive-through line on Feb. 27, 2021. Dinner plates were sold for $5 each, and $20 for a family portion. | Kalama Hines,
The firefighters also accepted donations from supporters who weren’t in the mood for spaghetti.
During a fundraising event several months ago, they were able to raise $2,000 for Dancliff’s family. Devenney doesn’t have an exact total from last night’s event but says they were able to raise several hundred dollars. Organizers will continue to accept donations for the Dancliff family beyond Saturday.
Those interested in helping the Dancliff family have two options to do so. They can drop off a donation at the firehouse — located at 444 East Chubbuck Road in Pocatello.
Donations can also be made on Venmo, to the North Bannock Fire Department’s account: NBFDFFA. Donors taking this route are asked to include in the note accompanying the donation that it is meant for the family of Donald Dancliff.
Because the North Bannock Fire Department is a volunteer organization, they also accept donations, which can be made to the same Venmo account. Accompanying notes for these donations should state their intention as well.
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