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Local company creating book series to help kids who are struggling

An illustration of the characters from the inUpowers book series. | Courtesy BeUtofullness
REXBURG — One local business is developing a unique way for parents to care for their children as they deal with the stresses of life, but the organization needs your help.
BeUtofullness (pronounced beautiful-ness) is a Rexburg-based beauty company that’s using mental wellness tools to create children’s books. The first book in the inUpowers series is called U-be Gets Up. The book is based on animated characters called inUpowers that represent the inner proactive and reactive emotions people experience.
The characters in the book are either a human body part or natural phenomena, and they connect feelings that people often have such as pain, wisdom and disappointment. This way, children can recognize what they are feeling and what to do with their feelings.
“(With) the pandemic … and realizing how not safe people felt, I created these inUpowers,” Tami Hymas, the founder of BeUtofullness said. “And then realizing how important inUpowers were and how much sense they made to everyone, I’ve taken what I think will be a giant detour in its own division (with our company), to get these in people’s hands.”

The inUpowers. | Courtesy BeUtofullness

The book teaches about moments, and explains that a person can have a good or a bad moment, but that it doesn’t last forever. It also provides an opportunity for parents to talk to their children when they are going through a rough patch and help them remember how the inUpower handled a hard moment.
“Across the human family, children are struggling. We wanted to create hope to overcome the struggles and help parents realize that they’re not alone,” she said in a news release. “The inUpowers give parents a tool to help their children choose their responses and create better tomorrows.”
Although it’s a children’s book, Hymas said it’s made for families. The book can serve as a conversation starter with the free Reader’s Guide included in each book to help parents discuss lessons from the book with their children.
The guide is aimed to help parents talk with their kids about their feelings, and in return, lead them to healthy thoughts and behaviors.
In order to get the book published, Hymas needs to get it funded. For more information on how you can help and to learn more about the book, click here.
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