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Led by Firefighters Union, Pocatello city employees donate $23K to local nonprofit

Pocatello city employees present a check for $23,054 to the United Way of Southeastern Idaho. | Kalama Hines,
POCATELLO — Pocatello city staff take up collections every year to make a combined donation to the United Way of Southeastern Idaho. On Tuesday morning, a delegation of those employees presented this year’s check — totaling $23,054.
Wendi Ames, director of Donor and Community Engagement for the recipient organization, told that this donation could fund as many as three of the organization’s programs.
“Every year, organizations apply for grants through the United Way — smaller organizations within our seven counties. … These community fund dollars are given to small nonprofits in our region,” Ames said.
The United Way helps those in need across southeastern Idaho in many ways — everything up to giving a person or family $40 for a tank of gas, which will then help a family member get to a job interview, which could lead that family to financial independence.
Last year, city staff donated $20,122. It was their goal to best that total — as it will be a goal to best the 2024 total next year.
Of the 2024 donation, $15,700 came from the Pocatello Firefighters Union.
Kim Stouse, Pocatello Fire Department spokeswoman, said it is important for the city’s firefighters and first responders to donate to these types of causes, adding that she is grateful for the partnership the city has created with the nonprofit organization.
“It’s vital — we see the need in the community every day,” Stouse said. “… We are always trying to give back, and this is one way we can do that.”
Part of the reason for the high total from the firefighters, Stouse continued, is the in-house competition.
Stouse hosts meetings with the different platoons every year to explain where their money will go and how it will help the community. Then she hands out donor forms and tracks platoon donations.
She said it became “pretty close at the end” this year, but C Platoon claimed the crown.
While the more-than-$23,000 city employees donated will help exponentially, Ames said that every donation — even donations of $5 — go a long way.
Making a donation, she said, is as simple as visiting the office — 101 North Main Street — or the website, here.
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