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Latest campaign donations and expenditures for east Idaho legislative candidates

IDAHO FALLS — Eastern Idaho legislative candidates have raised more than $407,000 in campaign contributions. Here is where that money is coming from. has compiled total contributions and expenditures from 2019 to the latest filing date on May 10. The following information comes from the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office Campaign Public Portal.
Due to the large number of donations and candidates, is only referencing a sampling of the largest donations — typically those between $500 and $1,000 to candidates in contested races. For a complete listing of all contributors visit the campaign portal.
District 30

Kevin Cook, left, and Adam Frugoli
Adam J. Frugoli has brought in $46,699. That has been helped along by two loans totaling $25,000. He did not report any contributions prior to January 2020.
He has also received multiple $1,000 donations from individuals and businesses such as Doyle Beck, Elizabeth Beck, Bryan Smith, Sharon Smith, Archibald Insurance Center and Guns N Gear, among others.
Frugoli has also accepted $1,000 donations from out-of-state companies such as Physicians Insurance out of Seattle, and The Doctors Management Company out of Napa, California.
Frugoli has spent $31,405 on his campaign. His largest expense has been to ColdSpark Inc., a consulting company out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has spent $24,879 on the company’s services.
Kevin Cook has raised $48,105 including a $10,208 loan in 2019.
He has received a significant amount of $1,000 and $500 contributions, including contributions from outgoing District 30 Sen. Dean Mortimer, and former Idaho Legislator Jeff Siddoway. Richard and Peggy Larson, and David Taylor are among a dozen other large contributors.
Cook has also received $1,000 donations from local businesses Teton Toyota and Biologiq Inc, among others.
He has accepted more than $8,000 from individuals and businesses in Arizona including from Kay Electric and Brian Kay and Terril Kay.
Cook has outspent his opponent, having spent $37,846. His largest expenses have been on advertising signs. He spent $4,849 with Wright Signs out of Ogden, Utah, $4,730 with 4over, a marketing company based in Lehi, Utah and $3,000 with
District 31
House: Seat A

David Cannon, left, and Chad Cole
David Cannon has brought in $3,941 in donations and loans. His largest donation of $1,000 comes from the Idaho Farm Bureau Agricultural PAC. He also took out a $506 loan.
Cannon’s largest expenses have been on purchasing signs. He has spent $920 with Crazy Cheap Political Signs out of Austin, Texas.
Chad Cole has not reported any campaign contributions or expenditures.
House: Seat B

Donavan Harrington, left, and Julianne Young
Incumbent Rep. Julianne Young has raised $25,783. Some of her largest donors include District 13 Rep. Brent Crane, Bryan Smith and Nicholas Contos.
She also received donations from a $1,000 donation from Money Metals Exchange in Eagle, $999 from Cox Honey Farms in Shelley and $500 RINO Hunters of the Inland Northwest PAC.
She has reported her total expenditures of $15,463. Her largest expenditure was with the Bingham County Chronicle in Blackfoot for $3,593.
Donavan Harrington has raised $12,271 with help from loans totaling $8,833. His two largest donors are Garth VanOrden and former District 31 representative Julie VanOrden, who donated $1,000 each.
Harrington has spent $8,858 on his campaign, with $5,220 going to Crazy Penguin Media out of Pocatello.
District 32
House: Seat B

Dave Radford, left, and Chad Christensen
Incumbent Rep. Chad Christensen has taken in $15,575. Some of his largest individual donors include Bryan Smith, Doyle Beck and Stefan Gleason, who each gave $1,000.
Chad Christensen also received a $750 contribution from Abolish Abortion based in Sagle, a $500 donation from Intermountain Emergency Physicians in Idaho Falls, $800 from the Kootenai County Republican Party and $1,000 from Money Metals Exchange.
Christensen spent $14,989 on his campaign, with $3,000 going to the Idaho House Republicans and $3,806 going to Cook Brothers Broadcasting in Evanston, Wyoming.
Outgoing Bonneville County Commissioner Dave Radford has brought in $30,200. He’s accepted multiple $1,000 donations from individuals such as Frank and Belinda VanderSloot, Roger Ball and Brad Lapray, among others.
Radford has also received a number of $1,000 donations from local companies such as Morgan Construction, Idaho Community Hospital and Bingham Mechanical.
Also on his list of donors are various PACs such as the Idaho Wheat and Barley PAC and the Agra-PAC, each of which donated $1,000
Radford has spent $24,006. His largest expenditures have been with Crazy Penguin Media, based in Pocatello where he spent $12,800 as well as $2,100 with Wright Signs out of Ogden, Utah.
District 33
House: Seat B

Bryan Zollinger, left, and Marco Erickson
Incumbent Rep. Bryan Zollinger reports that he has received $22,337 in contributions.
His donors included Brian and Sharon Smith who each donated $1,000, Smith, Driscoll and Associates that gave $1,000. Doyle and Lynn Beck also donated $1,000 each.
Zollinger has spent $15,005 on his campaign with $11,720 going to ColdSpark Media out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Marco Erickson has raised $16,026. He accepted $1,000 donations from Richard Larsen, Peggy Larsen as well as from Greg Carr and Virginia Willard. Carrie Scheid and former Idaho Falls city councilman Edward Marohn donated $500 each.
Erickson has spent $4,389 with $2,000 going to, $1,814 going to Crazy Penguin Media in Pocatello and $1,200 to Dayne Dingman in Idaho Falls.
District 34

Doug Ricks, left, and Jacob Householder
Outgoing Rep. Doug Ricks has raised $19,611 in his campaign for outgoing Sen. Brent Hill’s Senate seat. He has received $1,000 donations from Richard Larsen, Peggy Larsen, Hill, and a $500 donation from District 20 Sen. Chuck Winder. The Idaho Bankers Association also donated $1,000.
He has spent $8,611. In 2019 he spent $940 with the Hilton Garden Inn in Boise. He also gave $500 to the Region VII Republican Party and $651 with Alpha Graphics in Rexburg.
Jacob Householder raised $4,449 with the help of a $1,000 loan and $750 donations from Doyle Beck and Lynn Beck.
Householder has spent a total of $2,654. His largest expenses have been with out of Burbank, California, for $735 and $932 with 123 Decal out of Star, Idaho.
House: Seat A

Jon Weber, left, and Shane Ruebush
Shane Ruebush has brought in $7,267 including a $2,000 personal loan, a $1,000 donation from Bryan Smith and $750 donations from Doyle Beck and Lynn Beck.
Ruebush has spent $3,938 with $1,766 going to Alphagraphics.
Jon Weber has raised $8,000, with $1,000 donations from Agra-PAC, Webco Inc., Richard Larsen, Peggy Larsen, and outgoing Sen. Brent Hill. David Taylor gave $500.
Weber has spent $3,937. His largest expense was with Kettle Embroidery in Rexburg for $1,387.
House Seat B

Ron Nate, left, and Britt Raybould
Incumbent Rep. Britt Raybould raised $36,124 with $2,000 coming from Richard and Peggy Larsen. She also received $1,000 from form Sen. Brent Hill and $1,000 from her grandfather former Rep. Dell Raybould.
Various PACs also donated to her campaign including $1,000 from the IHA PAC, $700 from the Idaho Dental PAC and $1,000 from the ICUA PAC.
Raybould has spent $18,571 with $3,000 going to the Idaho House Republican Caucus and $3,561 to Doorstep Direct. She also spent $3,566 with the Rexburg Standard Journal.
Ron Nate has taken in $17,323 with multiple $1,000 donations. Some of his biggest donors include Doyle Beck, Elizabeth Beck, Bryan Smith, Sharon Smith, Jason West, Money Metals Exchange, Smith and Driscoll & Associates and Diversified Equity Systems.
He also received a $500 donation from the RINO Hunters of the Inland Northwest PAC.
Nate spent $12,130. His largest expenses have been with Salt Lake Printing in Salt Lake City, Utah for $4,718, Jason West for $1,000, Don Fletcher for $500 and Rich Broadcasting for $1,683.
District 35

Van Burtenshaw, left, and Jud Miller
Incumbent Sen. Van Burtenshaw has brought in $27,672. His largest donors included the Senate Republican PAC, Richard Larsen, Peggy Larsen and former Sen. Brent Hill, each of whom donated $1,000.
He also received an out-of-state $500 donation from Select Health in Murray, Utah.
Burtenshaw has spent $9,529, with $1,000 going to the Region VII Republicans. He also spent $4,028 with Crazy Penguin Media in Pocatello and another $2,500 with Oakley Jones Web & Graphic Design in Rigby.
Jud Miller raised $8,676 with $1,000 donations coming from Doyle Beck, Lynn Beck and Bryan Smith and Money Metal Exchange.
He has spent $8,654 with $1,161 going to the Jefferson Star in Rigby and $2,413 going to Salt Lake Mailing and Printing in Salt Lake City, Utah.
House: Seat A

Jerald Raymond, left, and Karey Hanks
Incumbent Rep. Jerald Raymond has raised $21,350. That includes donations from Frank and Belinda VanderSloot of $1,000, $1,000 from Jeff Siddoway and $1,000 from the Idaho Wheat and Barley PAC.
Raymond has spent $25,259. His biggest expenses are with KIFI Local News 8 with $7,210, Rich Broadcasting with 3,906 and with 2,260.
Challenger Karey Hanks has brought in $15,870. Hanks’ donations include $1,000 from MorVue Farms in St. Anthony, $1,000 from Max and Lois Hanks, $1,000 each from Doyle Beck and Lynn Beck and Bryan and Sharon Smith, each gave $500.
Hanks has spent $10,823. Her largest expense has been to Salt Lake Mailing and Printing in Salt Lake City, Utah for $1,699. She also spent $1,100 with USPS.
House: Seat B

Rod Furniss, left, and George Judd
Incumbent Rep. Rod Furniss has taken in $19,260 with two $1,000 donations from Richard and Peggy Larsen each, $1,000 from Frank and Belinda VanderSloot and $500 from the Idaho Cattle PAC.
Furniss has spent $13,888, with $3,000 going to the House Republican Caucus and another $1,000 going to the Region VII Republican Party and 1,848 to The Post Register.
George Judd has brought in $597, with his largest donor being Jeanne Judd, who gave $500.
Judd has spent just $66.

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