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Junior Fire Academy in Swan Valley promises to be a ‘great, fun time’

Junior firefighters are introduced to equipment during last year’s academy. | Courtesy Swan Valley Fire District
SWAN VALLEY — Swan Valley Fire District is inviting local children to SVFD Station 1 for its second annual Swan Valley Junior Fire Academy. The camp will be held Aug. 3 and 4.
The goal of the event is to give kids a hands-on, interactive introduction to the fire service and local emergency responders. Campers will get to try out firefighting gear and explore the rigs.
Katrina Brainard with Swan Valley Fire told it’s important for kids to have this kind of familiarity with fire personnel and equipment.
“In an emergency, firefighters don’t look safe – they kind of look scary when they are in equipment,” Brainard said. “Sometimes the tendency is to hide.”

Junior firefighters explore the rig. | Courtesy Swan Valley Fire District
Beyond the safety aspects, it’s also a great opportunity for older kids or teens to learn more about a possible career path. Brainard called them the next generation of firefighters.
“Fires aren’t going away,” she said. “It’s important to help kids who might like it to have it as a career choice.”
Campers will also learn some age-appropriate, basic life-saving techniques like CPR and how to control bleeding, Brainard said.
There will also be water games, especially for the younger kids.
“I think it will be a really great, fun time,” Brainard said.

Courtesy Swan Valley Fire District
The event will run for two days, with kids aged 11-16 attending Thursday, August 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Kids aged five to 10 will have camp on Friday, August 4 from 10 a.m. to noon. Camp will be held at SVFD Station 1, located at #15 Highway 31 in Swan Valley.
Campers should wear athletic clothes, including close-toed shoes. Also, make sure your camper has sunblock.
Children of all abilities are welcome to attend. However, organizers ask that campers who may struggle to stay on task or follow directions have an adult helper with them.
The Swan Valley Junior Fire Academy is free of charge, but organizers ask that all participants pre-register by Saturday to ensure they have enough food for lunch. Firehouse Subs is providing lunches for the campers.
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